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Solomon Islands to host PNG music legends

AS Papua New Guinea gears up for the big celebrations tomorrow to mark Independence Day, PNG communities in other parts of the world will also celebrate as well in their own way.

As such, the PNG community in the Solomon Islands’ capital Honiara will be privileged to have two top PNG singers Robert Oeka and Basil Bliz Greg entertaining them.

The two will perform live in Honiara’s Telikom Recreational Field tomorrow to mark the day.

They have teamed up with a CHM Studio crew who arrived in Honiara yesterday at the invitation of the PNG High Commissioner Fred Yakasa.

Yakasa, a former senior police officer, was in Port Moresby last week to organise the visit, saying he was pleased to host the two legends who will add flavour to the anniversary celebrations.

Oeka and Basil will be in Honiara for a week, performing at other locations with Solomon Island artists before returning to PNG.

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