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Current State of the Weather over Papua New Guinea

The National Weather Service in Papua New Guinea has released the following weather advice and warnings.

Current Situation
There currently exist two weather systems influencing much of the weather being experienced throughout the country.
The first one is a Low Pressure system situated over the Coral Sea and is almost stationary. This system is producing the rains and the strong to Gale Force Winds being experienced over the Papuan Coasts especially from Port Moresby to Daru in the Western Province. The system was expected to transit towards Northern Territory by the end of this week but has since been almost stationary and may get sucked into Tropical Cyclone in the Pacific Ocean.

The Second system is a Tropical Cyclone PAM last located near 09.7 South;170.4 East at 10 AM PNG TIME. That system is producing or strengthening the Northwest Winds over the Solomon Sea covering the Milne-bay Province and the Bismarck Sea including waters of Manus. The Northwest winds are also favourable for heavy rainfall over the Northward side of the Nakanai ranges and is therefore resulting in heavy rainfall over West New Britain and to an extent the North Coasts of East New Britain Province.

The PNG National Weather Service has issued Gale Force Wind Warnings for the Papuan Coasts from Daru to Samarai and for the Waters of West New Britain and the Bismarck sea.

Current Climate Conditions favour continued wetter than usual condition over the New Guinea Island Provinces of Bougainville, East and West New Britain, and New Ireland Province.
Evolving Climate Conditions due to these weather systems favour drying weather conditions over the Papuan Coastal Provinces from Late April and into the dry season months of June to November, 2015

Wet Conditions ranging from Usual to slightly wetter than usual over the Highlands are expected to continue till May 2015.

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