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PNG's NICTA launches Cyber crime Policy

The National Information and Communication Authority (NICTA) launched the Cybercrime Policy and the regulation of Sim Card Registration today at the Gateway Hotel.
Representatives from ICT organisations including people from the Police Intelligence Unit were present to witness the launching that is said to be effective in two weeks time.
NICTA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Charles Punaha said since the introduction of mobile phones back in 2006, mobile phone companies have no record of the subscribers that they issue sim cards to.
“We have issued 10 million numbers to mobile phone companies, 6 million to Digicel, 2 million to Bmobile and 2 million to Telikom but none of these operators have kept a record of their subscribers and that makes it quite difficult to catch people who are abusing this system of communicating”
“So many people are using the mobiles phones to threaten and swear other people by sending abusive text messages and it’s difficult to catch this kind of people without sim card records” said Mr Punaha.
He said with the Sim Card Registration, it would be easier to find people that abuse the mobile communication system upon a complaint filed from the victim.
Mr Punaha also called on the Telecommunication companies to set procedures in their respective companies for their subscribers to register their sim card within an 18 months period which will start 2 weeks from now.
“We have given notice to the operators of this current policy that was just launched and by now every operator should be prepared to register sim cards”
“We are giving an 18 month period to both the operators and their existing subscribers to register all sim cards and if that 18 months ends, the operators will deactivate any sim card that doesn’t register within that time” said Mr Punaha
Meanwhile, the cybercrime policy will allow the authorities to track down internet users that abuse the internet by downloading pornographic materials and also others that use social media to defame other people.
“There are people who are hacking into other people’s Facebook account or even creating an account with somebody else’s name and end up posting explicit pictures and messages that really cause a lot of disharmony and we can assist in finding that culprit upon complaint from the victim”
Mr Punaha said ICT has become part of our lives and it makes life easier but some people have abused that privilege so they have set this policy as a guideline to use ICT for the right reasons.

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