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Police call on victim to come forward and lay a complainant against Police beating

A screen shot taken from a video uploaded on social media shows
Police officer beating unidentified young man with iron rod. 
The video footage showing a suspects being brutally beaten up by police has n gone viral on the social media and many citizens are now many calling on police to investigate this attack. PNG Police Media Unit Inspectoer David Terry the media that  "this is just like any other case where it is vital that the suspect must make it his/her business to come forward to the police station and lay a complaint" . Inspector Terry said that investigations into similar incidents in the past have not been very effective because the public are not aware of the proper processes that are involved. He said if the complaints are put through and investigations confirm that officers were guilty of committing such actions then they will be dealt with accordingly. Meanwhile, when asked to comment on an incident last Friday when a Journalist from one of the daily papers was threatened and called in for questioning, Senior Inspector, Terry described it as a clash of Ethics and Law However he said the media plays a very important role in reaching out to the people and giving them information that they need to know but when the media starts to assist affections of others than it becomes a problem. He said the force is all about ethics and the media has to go through the chain of command to get proper information but if the actions of the officers are not in line with their ethics then it has to be addressed.

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