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Polye slams Prime Minister Peter O'Neill for Media Trial

PORT MORESBY:The suspended Kandep MP and former Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has slammed the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for what he termed as ‘O’Neill’s media trial will not prove his innocence’ over the Paul Paraka Lawyer’s payment.
Mr Polye said ONLY a competent court would do so, adding him evading police investigation was ‘evasive and disgraceful.’
He was commenting on the Prime Minister, who put up media shows to prove him looked innocent and being reluctant to hand himself in for police interrogations over the legal bills.
“The crunch of the issue is the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who approved Paraka’s legal bills with his signature.
“O’Neill’s claim on who benefitted from the payment with his fingers pointing straight at our Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party is hogwash and an absolute lie,” said Polye.
He said Not even a single toea from the payment was deposited to his account nor the party’s, urging the Prime Minister to produce evidences if has any.
The former Opposition Leader said O’Neill was only ‘fantasizing’ to damage his reputation.
“He is saying this because I am always vocal on controversial decisions which the Prime Minister has made.
“He is throwing the mud back at me with assumption. The truth is our Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party NEVER got any toea from Paraka lawyers,” he said.
He said his party went to the last General Elections with funds sourced from fundraising activities.
Mr Polye added that he voluntarily surrendered himself to the Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate for police investigation which the Prime Minister and his Finance Minister have been evading.
He further said he did not take the matter to the courtlike many other politicians, including the Prime Minister.
Polye has related O’Neill’s reluctance for police investigation with famous King Solomon’s story on two mothers fighting over a child.

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