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Travel Air to return under new owners

Good news for air travelling public with Travel Air or popularly known as Mangi Lo Ples to commence full operation in PNG soon.
Travel Air and P. T Trans Global Investment & Trading from Indonesia today announced that the parties have come to an in principle agreement that will see Trans Global Investment & Trading and their new local PNG partner as the new owners and shareholders of the airline company.
“After our temporary shutdown of services in mid February this year, we are proud to announce that we will be in full operation in three months time with 3 units of Fokker 50 and 3 units of Boeing 737-300 aircrafts which has been identified and will go through safety inspections with the Civil Aviation Authority,” said Travel Air CEO Captain Emmanuel Bai Kadiko.
He stressed that they remain committed to continue operating Travel Air as Mangi Lo Ples for the common folk of PNG while remaining affordable and accessible.
Former owner and Chairman of Mangi Lo Ples airline, Mr Eremas Wartoto said, sometimes you have to let go of your hard work for the greater gain of others.
Speaking at their announcement of the ownership transition, former owner and Chairman of Travel Air Mr Eremas Wartoto said that it was a hard choice for him to make but he had to make the decision based on the condition of the business plan in terms of execution by the new owners.
“Trans Global Investment & Trading knew there were a lot of debt and liabilities incurred by the previous management over the years and that was the risk they are willing to take. But I am pleased to know that they are on the same foot with my aim when I started this company and that is based on the concept of minimizing the cost process to benefit the grassroots population of PNG,” said Mr Wartoto.
New owners Trans Global Investment & Trading from Indonesia knew about the liabilities and debts involved with the company but have done their research on the concept of the business plan and they are happy with it.
“We are not too concern on the price tag but we want to maintain the company’s credibility and sustainability which is very important, and they will maintain all of the airlines operation processes from the past,” said Trans Global Investment & Trading CEO, Mr W. Shakthi. S, BBA.
He admitted that part of their business plan is to make money like every other business does, but the most important aspect is to make air travel more affordable accessible for the simple people by standardising the airfares for all destinations regardless of the hours it takes to travel.
Mr Sahkthi also revealed that once the Civil Aviation Authority completes all safety inspection with their aircraft and they resume full services, they will re-activate all routes that have been used previously to maintain its services. PNGFM  / PNG Today

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