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WHO unites to end gender-based violence in PNG

World Health Organisation WHO Country rep to PNG Dr. Pieter Van Maaren says all stakeholders including the media must stand together in unity to fight GENDER BASED VIOLENCE (GBV).
“Will we stand up, speak out, act or continue to tolerate gender based violence?”
He made these remarks during the launching of the Human Together Campaign today at the Port Moresby General Hospital FAMILY SUPPORT CENTRE (FSC).

“This campaign is purposely to raise public awareness and mobilise people everywhere to bring about change and eliminate gender based violence.”
“An UN study in PNG found that one of every three women experiences Gender Based Violence by intimate partners.

Such violence results in physical, mental, sexual, reproductive and other health problems. This is a serious problem, and deserves urgent attention by all sectors.”
FSC Coordinator Ms. Tessie Soi reiterated that the fight against Gender Based Violence is serious and that 60-70% of cases involve children. Each day they counsel 12 new cases every 2 to 3 hours PNGFM/PNG Today
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