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PM O'Neill Warns People not to be Mislead by ‘Sweet Talk’ and lies

PM O’Neill Highlights Transparency in National Budget Allocation – Warns People not to be Mislead by ‘Sweet Talk’ and lies

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has called on people to be clear on how the National Budget is distributed each year, and not be fooled by desperate candidates misleading them with sweet talk.
Speaking before a large crowd in Popondetta, Oro Province, with PNC candidates Delilah Gore for Sohe Open, David Arore for Oro Regional and Sheldon Deilala for Ijivitari Open, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, called for honesty in the opposition.
“Elections are not a time to play politics, elections are a time to stand up and tell the people what you would deliver for our country,” PM O’Neill said.
“The budget allocation is very straight forward and people need to understand the facts.
“This year our budget is 13 billion Kina.
“From this, K5 billion funds the public service machinery, K3 billion is spent on education, K2 billion on delivering free healthcare and K1.5 billion on PSIPs and DSIPs.
“These are our main expenditure areas, and they are delivering unprecedented change to our communities.
“A further half a billion Kina is spent on our police, our courts and judiciary, and K1 billion is spent on infrastructure.
“The facts in our budget are easy to understand, and our budget does not have hidden details like governments in the past.
“When the opposition makes grand promises, you should ask them what are they going to cut.
“Don Polye and his opposition will cut free school fees, will cut free healthcare and they will stop direct payments to the districts and provinces.
“That is not what Papua New Guineans want, we have all worked too hard in this country to have these vital services taken away from our people.”
The Prime Minister said there are candidates who are so desperate to run in elections, they have forgotten that they need policies for the people, but PNC has been transparent.
“Our PNC candidates have clear policies, we have detailed these time and time again, and we have delivered on our promises,” PM O’Neill said.
“These are policies that you can understand because they touch each and every one of us on a daily basis.
“We have heard leaders before who have made promises and never delivered. For forty years politicians promised free education, and it was only the PNC-led Government that delivered free education.
“PNC is your partner in delivering good government, and real services, and real infrastructure for your province and your district. “When you vote, vote to continue positive change that is delivering services and infrastructure for our people.”
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