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Man shot dead by Police in Kimbe

A young man was shot and injured by police, after he tried to escape from the Kimbe Police Station NBC reports. .

The young man was apprehended for smashing the windscreens of several vehicles, including a police 15-seater bus, the Kimbe Provincial Hospital ambulance and the private vehicle of a female lawyer.

Residents in town assisted police apprehend the youth, but he was later shot on the leg when he tried to run away from an escorting police officer at the police station.

In similar incidences at the Gigo and Laleki suburbs, Mobile Squad, traffic and Response Unit vehicles were also stoned by youths, when they were called in to quell a drunken brawl.

Police managed to contain both situations after retaliating and firing rubber bullets and tear gas into the area.

NBC News - Dorcas Tindri (Kimbe)
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