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Papua New Guinea's Crocodile Whisperer

Story and Photo By Michael  Passingan

Port Moresby’s Adventure Park Animal Keeper Mr Farapo Sare of Gulf Province is Papua New Guinea’s Crocodile Dundee.

Mr Sare is the only person who can ride a crocodile like riding a horse and kiss a crocodile like kissing a wallaby.

Having been attacked by the fears looking reptile and being the care taker or the father and feeder of the two beasts, Farapo Sare is the man who can turn a huge 6meter crocodiles into a horse riding show for fun and entertainment.

On Saturday last weekend Mr Sare rocked the Adventure Park crocodile gorge by performing his feeding techniques while riding and kissing two of the fears looking reptiles in front of over hundred spectators who were at there to witness the feeding session.

Mr Sare who is a respectable gentleman but a mute has his own ways of speaking to the crocodiles which they communicate very well during times of feeding and during shows.

His companion and college Peter Spaka said Mr Sare was once a victim to one the giant crocodiles some years back during one of his performances at the Moitaka show but he never gave up.

“Sare spent 35years even his life around the two reptiles and today he is a champion and man of courage respected by all who knows him” said Mr Spaka.

Mr Spaka said Sare is an asset to Adventure Park and an icon to the wildlife family and is the only one who can speak the crocodile language on when to tell the crocodiles to come out, stop, move and can ride or even kiss the crocodiles.

“Sare is Papua New Guinea’s Crocodile Dundee and the only man who can ride a crocodile like riding a horse, he is our icon and crocodile worrier and everyone loves him” said Spaka.

Spaka said the crocodiles are fed every Saturday’s at 3pm in the evening and no one does that job but Sare who is the person in charge of feeding the crocodiles and speaking to them knows how to tame and make a crocodile listen.

He said Sare has a long history with crocodiles but to cut it short he was meant for that job, he’s a wildlife preserver and he grew up with crocodiles and even regard them as his pets and best friends.

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