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Expert Advice Now Available for Home Buyers in PNG

PNG’s house buying market is slowly educating itself on how to buy quality and affordable homes.  Expert advice is increasingly available from a variety of sources including banks and insurers as well as some of the construction companies themselves.
Andrew Avenell of Port Moresby based construction company Rhodes (PNG) says it’s in his company’s best interest to educate home buyers on what to look for in a quality home.  “We spend a lot of time giving people the information they need so that they can buy the right home for their family – a home that will last them a lifetime.  We remind them to do their homework, shop around and always check on the credentials of the builder – such as whether they are licensed, registered with the IPA, properly insured and if they always use Australian Standard building materials.  Very importantly we also advise people to frame their homes with high quality galvanised steel rather than wood.” 
Banks such as BSP have already done their own homework on many PNG’s builders with quality companies like Rhodes being granted ‘approved contractor’ status.  Home buyers are urged to check whether the builder they choose has been similarly approved. 
Another area of advice Rhodes has for home buyers relates to the ongoing costs of home ownership including building maintenance (repairs) and utilities (electricity and water).  Housing affordability is not just the price paid upon purchase.  Buyers are wise to choose a well-built steel framed home which will have significantly lower maintenance costs and a design that minimises energy and water costs.  Options such as solar panels and water recycling are also worth considering as an increasing number of affordable options are now available.
Avenell’s advice on how to buy a quality family home was well received at last year’s Real Estate show.  He has been invited back to this year’s show to share his expertise in ‘Modern Building Techniques’.  Avenell says that it’s Rhodes’ integration of technology throughout every facet of its operations that enables it to produce high quality homes at such affordable prices.  “Because we are prefabrication specialists, most of our construction gets done on the factory floor rather than on the actual job site.  This enables us to build quickly – a quick build is a cost effective build.  It also gives us maximum control over quality which means better homes for PNG families.”
For more information on Rhodes homes contact them on 7091 4457, www.rhodesprojects.com.  Alternatively, call in to the Rhodes booth at the PNG Real Estate Show at Sir John Guise Stadium on Friday 1 June - Saturday 2 June.  Admission is free and what you learn could be invaluable.

Image:  Rhodes Koki
Caption:  Rhodes homes such as the 22 built for Nambawan Super have a 50+ year design life. A Rhodes home is a ‘Home for Life’.

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