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Solomom PM says Pacific Games must go ahead

Solomon Islands Government has secured land for the construction of facilities to host the 2023 Pacific Games in the country.

This follows the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Cabinet Sub-Committee, the government and key stakeholders at the Prime Minister office on Monday.

The key stakeholders included the Honiara City Council, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF), University of the South Pacific (USP) Solomon Islands and Arch Diocese of the Catholic church.

The other stakeholder, Solomon Islands National University (SINU) is expected to sign the MOU.   

Prime Minister Rick Hou said, the 2023 Pacific Games is national project that all ministries, agencies and everyone have to play their part.

“This project covers all sectors of the economy because it covers transport, tourism, food and security, education, airlines and every other sectors of economy.

“The government see this as a project where we have reached a point of no turning back.

“We must go ahead with it and so there is no option of turning back,” he said.

Hou said the government is very serious of hosting the Pacific Games and that is why it has appointed the Sub-committee.

He explained, in fact the government is considering of establishing a Ministry of its own but since there is limited time the Cabinet appointed the sub-committee to drive the project ahead.

“We don’t have more time for preparation because the country who usually hosts such games already reach half of preparation when they bid to host the game.

“We don’t have that kind of luxury to put things in time so we need to work together,” he said.

Hou said to ensure the project is going the government is looking at upgrading the existing facilities and handover the facilities to those who owned it.

He said this is because it is cheaper to upgrade the existing facilities and it can be used after hosting the game.

“This is because it is cheaper to upgrade the existing facilities and can sustainably maintain after use.

“The problem in the pacific is when you have a grand stadium you have problem on how to use and maintain the facilities.

“Based on these understanding the Cabinet, Caucus and the parliament agree on the two concepts.

Hou said the signing of the MOU between government, Sub-committee and key stakeholders is a significant milestone in paving the way to host 2023 Pacific Games.

He said, on the issue of handing over to each stakeholders there will be a separate agreement and that will be covered later.

He pointed out, the important of signing the MOU is the assurance from the government, the Pacific Games Council and the aid donors.

“The government is very concern considering this is a national project and the signing is an assurance from the government.”

He said the Pacific Games Council also assures of their support and the government have signed an agreement on set of milestones.

He admitted the government does not have funding for such project and all it can do is reaching a milestone with stakeholders that give assurance to the aid donors that everyone are serious about the project.

He urges the sub-committee, government, and all stakeholders to work hard to successfully host the Pacific Games.

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