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Snakes bites high in Kairuku-Hiri District

Snake bites have become a common occurrence in Veifa’a in the Kairuku District of Central Province in the last two months with 2 to 3 reported cases daily. 

Many of the snake bite victims reported to the Veifa’a Health Centre were kids.

Community Health Worker Mr Michael Taoe said due to rainfalls and tall bushes, many kids have being bitten by snakes while out and about.

Most snake victims were treated at the health centre and monitored for a day and then discharged.

However three of their victims were referred to the Port Moresby Hospital for recovery last month with severe cases.

He said two of the victims bitten were between the ages 10and 15 years, and the other one was a two year old boy.

“”The 2 year old, was just a baby boy who could not actuallytalk clearly but was just crying in pain,” said Mr Taoe.

“He was a brave toddler, a fighter, who despite being transferred to Port Moresby General Hospital recovered in only few days and is back in the village,” he said.

The latest victim is a 12 year old, who is the son of theSenior Medical Officer in Veifa-a Health Centre.

The poor boy was beaten last week Sunday and was transferredto Port Moresby General Hospital on Monday with the help of St John’sAmbulance.

Doctors at the Port Moresby General Hospital incubated the little boy and admitted him at the Intensive Care Unit because all his muscles were paralyzed.

CHW Mr Taoe said paralysis caused by the snake’s venom cancause difficulty in breathing and muscle movements.

“The boy was discharged over the weekend”, he said.

Mr Taoe said, parents should be mindful of where their kids walk and play. Thick bushes needs to be cut down and bush tracks must be cleared. And at most times kids must be encouraged to wear shoes to protect them from snake bites. LegendFM/PNG Today
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