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First floating hotel arrives in PNG for APEC

The first of the three cruise liners for APEC arrived in Port Moresby on Saturday morning.

The Pacific Jewel will be stationed at the old cargo wharf and will be used as a floating hotel for more than 2000 journalists from the 21 economies and delegates.

The second cruise liner Pacific Explorer will arrive at 8.30am tomorrow, while the third liner Sea Princess will arrive on Wednesday morning.

Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko and CEO of the APEC Authority Chris Hawkins took a tour of the ship and were both impressed. Tkatchenko had earlier said the Pacific Explorer would host the CEO Summit. He said the company responsible for the charter of these ships Carnival Australia, has established a strong relationship with the government.

He said according to the company, this is the second occasion where their vessels have been chartered to support hosting arrangements for major international conferences.

“We look forward to all world leaders coming and we will ensure the leaders live in comfort and have a traditional and cultural experience while they stay in Port Moresby during this time.”

From their moorings within the APEC security zones, the ships will provide accommodation for APEC attendees. The Sea Princess will be docked at Motukea and the Pacific Explorer will be at T-Wharf in downtown Port Moresby.


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