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MPs will support Prime Minister O'Neill in Vote of No Confidences, says Maru

PNG National Planning Minister, Richard Maru says government ministers will support prime minister Peter O'Neill against the looming vote of no confidence.

Parliament will resume for the 2019 sitting in February, and the Opposition is planning to move a vote of no confidence against Mr O'Neill by then.

This would be the second attempt by the Opposition, although under a different composition, to remove the People's National Congress-led government.

The O'Neill government had defeated an initial vote of no confidence 85-votes to 21 in 2016 in its first term since assuming power in 2012.

Last year, the Opposition mooted the idea of removing the prime minister, over issues of mishandling the economy, the cost of PNG hosting the APEC and corruption allegations among others.

However, as the vote looms, Minister Maru is already predicting the outcome, saying the PNC-led government has out-performed any previous governments in PNG's history, and will remain.

"Governments before us with all the money did not invest in Papua New Guinea.

"Same people are now talking about a vote of no confidence. What happened when they had the opportunity? Did they invest? Nothing.

"The have nothing to show for.

"This government is here to stay and we will continue to support the prime minister and PNC-led government and we will be here, and we will make sure we transform this country.

"We will not be faced by anybody. No way.

"This is a government that has delivered more than any governments in five years.

"And we will continue to invest in the people of this country and create a future for them," Mr Maru said.

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