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Police Boss stops Roadblocks

Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Superintendent Johannes Yapi has issued instructions for Central police to stop conducting road blocks.


PPC Yapi says only the MVIL officers are excused from this directive as part of their duty to spot check vehicles.

PPC Yapi says all auxiliary and reserve police officers in Central are instructed to return to their communities and carry out their policing duties instead.

The directive came about as a result of recent media reports by road users complaining of police officers conducting roadblocks with no proper processing of the fines taken.

The Central PPC adds, as of yesterday, he has suspended all roadblocks by Central Police saying this suspension applies to all national road networks in Central Province including the Hiritano and Magi Highway, the Sogeri road and Papa Lealea road.

Meanwhile he advises road users to identify and report any roadblock by police at this point in time and report to the Central Provincial Police Command at Gordons.

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