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PNG's Pomio District to Export Cocoa Direct to Japan

Several communities in Pomio District of East New Britain Province  in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are pushing forward with efforts to export high-grade cocoa directly to Japan.

The communities launch the first of seven solar dryers over the weekend, marking another milestone in helping farmers continue to meet international standards required for global confectionery markets.

United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative, Dirk Wagener, said the communities will do an initial shipment of 500 kilograms of cocoa to Japan in the coming weeks.

He said that the solar dryers demonstrate how much needed incomes can be generated in an environmentally sustainable way.

Mr Wagener said, it is important to realise how these opportunities can assist communities in Papua New Guinea, and it demonstrates that with commitment, people can pursue amazing opportunities that support their livelihoods while protecting and conserving the environment.

He added that these solar dryers will provide dried cocoa beans with a smoother taste and avoid the need for other means of drying such as wood fire, thus improving the quality of the final product and ultimately its value.

This project is supported by Pomio MP Elias Kapavore, Conservation, Environment and Protection Authority (CEPA), East New Britain Provincial Administration, Japanese Company, Tachibana & Company, Organization for Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), Cocoa Board and UNDP.

NBC News/ PNG Today

Picture of Cocoa; PNG image

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