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PNG Police Minister Kramer's Response To Arms Build Up

Looking after the welfare of police personnel in the country is the government’s focus to mitigate arms buildup in the country.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer made this known on FM100’s Talk Back Show this morning when asked on the government’s position on the use of illegal firearms among warring tribes and criminal elements, and the many reports of arms buildup in PNG communities, especially in the highlands where police officers have been wounded and killed.

Minister Kramer says the issue of arms buildup has been an ongoing issue with unconfirmed reports of members of the security forces allegedly responsible for supplying the fire arms to members of the public.

“There are reports of these firearms being supplied by elements within the Defense Force, there are reports that are saying that these are supplied by Members of Parliament previously who procured weapons for policing purposes and ended up in the community, there are reports of firearms being purchased over the Indonesian border.”

High powered guns are used in the Highlands in tribal fights. This photo shows Tribal Warriors in Enga Province with high powered weapons. It was uploaded to social media by an unanimous user
Kramer says at this stage they are just reports, and he is yet to see any concrete evidence of where the supply is coming from.

Hence, Kramer says the Government’s position is that: “If we prove effective and efficient policing focused on the welfare of our officers in the field, sufficient training into engaging in this type of instances as well as ensuring that they have minimum equipment like bullet proof vest, that would mitigate most of these problems.”

Kramer added: “You’d realized that when you have a greater force, like 200 police trained armed deployed into a field and you have a few armed criminals, tribal criminals, they would flee. And to achieve that, it takes detail planning, intelligence gathering and we haven’t been doing this”

So Kramer says this is now the focus of the Constabulary with a submission being prepared for cabinet to increase logistical support.

FM 100 News / PNG Today

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