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Australia assists Papua New Guinea to fight COVID-19

Papua New Guinea's efforts to combat the COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been given a boost through the funding support of K1.7 million by the Australian Government.

In a statement, the Australian High Commission said the funding will assist in the country's preparedness efforts.

This will be added to the National Government's allocation of K45 million, of which K10 million has already been released.

Health Minister Jelta Wong said Australia has always been an important supporter of PNG in its health emergencies.

Mr. Wong said the support will help ensure PNG's health system is better prepared to fight the virus and protect the community.

He said the PNG Government and the World Health Organization, alongside the country’s leading medical experts, are working around the clock to ensure they have the right tools, information, and resources to keep Papua New Guineans safe. Earlier this month Australia provided Personal Protective Equipment for frontline health workers in the COVID-19 response.

The Australian Government funding is overseen by W.H.O and aligns with the PNG Government’s reprioritization of resources towards COVID-19 emergency preparedness.



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