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Motion of No Confidence, A Reality Check, says PNG Opposition leader Namah

The Papua New Guinea Leader of Opposition Belden Namah today called on Prime Minister James Marape to concentrate on governing the country and stop worrying about numbers, members or motion of no confidence.

Photo caption: Opposition leader and Vanimo Green River MP Belden Namah - a Motion of No - confidence in a reigning regime is provided by Law; Opposition - numbers game for VONC comes down to Government performance or failure to implement policies, and programs announced by PMJM; Prime Minister James Marape - he is reportedly comfortable with the numbers game for VONC, if any

Mr Namah said a motion of no - confidence is a legal requirement under the Law that can be moved at any time when 18 months grace period expires. And that happens next month(November).

‘The Prime Minister must be rest assured that any motion of no confidence is just a reality check. By operation of the Constitution the provision is available to measure the Prime Minister and his government’s performance against delivery of its own policies and programs,’ Mr Namah said.

‘If the Prime Minister has had any policies and programs and if he has delivered against those targets during his 18 months in office, then he does not need to look over his shoulder and worry about motions of no confidence. He should focus on the job at hand and deliver on all his promises knowing his actions will speak loudly.

‘Mr Marape has the absolute support of his Government’s coalition members as he claims to have, then there is absolutely no need for him to make a song and dance about it.

‘If on the other hand his 18 months in office has been one major talk show and if he has nothing to show for but living on threats and promises, then a motion of no confidence is inevitable.

‘His own actions would have determined his fate and he does not have to blame anyone for it.

’As for his strident accusation that I am intoxicated on power and greed’, let it be known to him that it was he who jumped ship mid – journey from national Alliance to People’s National Congress in 2011after I had already done the hard yards to form government. It was he who enjoys the power, perks and priviledge as Minister for Finance and as a member of the ruling PNC for eight (8) years, not me. It was he who jumped ship mid – journey again in 2019 from PNC into the ocean and got saved by Pangu Pati which he now leads.

‘The man he likes to deride, Hon Peter Oneill looked after him for eight (8) solid years. All the decisions and actions of the Oneill government, Marape participated in all and even presided over as a senior economic minister. Even after he jumped ship and turned against him, it was Oneill and Sir Julius Chan who took him back at Crowne Plaza and made him Prime Minister.

‘Where is his gratitude? He sacks PNC from Government and rubs smelly stuff all over Sir Julius Chan’s People’s Progress Party.

‘Members of the Laguna Camp will remember the secret ballot, the MOUs, the prayer sessions and what happened immediately thereafter.

‘We remember too that immediately after he was enthroned as Prime Minister, Marape invited three men who never voted for him, who were with me in the Opposition, took them into government and gave them very senior ministries, insulting those who stood with him at the crucial hour. The Hon. Brian Kramer was not even in Parliament during the vote and yet he made him Police minister.

‘These things are bound to repeat themselves.

‘I have not been in government from 2012 to now so for Marape to accuse me of greed or being power hungry is plain rubbish. Greed and hunger for power are the very attributes that have been very graphically and publicly displayed by his own actions so who is he kidding?

‘What this says to me is that the Prime Minister seems to have a memory lapse and that is mental incapacity. If proven by three(3) medical practitioners that he is in this condition then this is a primary reason provided in the Constitution for a motion of no - confidence to be moved against a reigning Prime Minister.

‘As for Marape’s multi – talented cheap political – medical- scientific- legal advisor Brian Kramer ‘s Facebook assertion that the motion of no - confidence will fail, well that is a surprise since there is none on the floor of Parliament at the present time. But we might take the cue from him.

‘As for Kramer’s assertion that the Supreme Court Application challenging the election of James Marape as the Prime Minister will also fail, that is a matter that His Honour the Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court might want to take a deep interest in.

‘My own take as an interested party in this Supreme Court Application is that such comments might be held to be pre – empting the final outcome of the decision of the Supreme Court, sub – judicial and contemptuous to the process on foot and it does seem to undermine the integrity of the court.’

‘God Save Our Country.’

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