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Flights into West New Britain Resume

 Airline companies have been ordered to resume flights into and out of the Hoskins Airport in the West New Britain Province for a period of five days, beginning Saturday 02nd January 2021.

National Pandemic Response Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning, said that this will allow stranded passengers to return home.

Mr. Manning in a statement said that all persons from West New Britain Province who are currently out of the province are allowed to return to the province, while those from other provinces have five days to arrange for their travel out to their respective provinces.

He said all passengers will have to undergo a COVID-19 test using antigen rapid test kits, which will have a result available after 15 to 20 minutes.

Commissioner Manning said that they have already made available a total of 20 thousand kits in the province for this purpose.

He however said that there are new restrictions for West New Britain Province that are effective from the 01st of January 2021 to the 15th of January 2021.

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