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PNG Moves to protect World's biggest Butterfly

Concern has been raised by business communities in Port Moresby including overseas partners about the disappearance of the Queen Alexandra Birdwing butterfly species in Northern province in Papua New Guinea .

A proposal has been presented before the PNG Ijivitari District Development Authority meeting recently, that the world's biggest butterfly species, native only in Northern province, should be protected.

The World's largest Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly found only in PNG
The only place the Queen Alexandra Birdwing can be found is at the Managalas plateau in the Afore LLG in PNG.

Local MP, Richard Masere, announced in the DDA meeting that there are plans to establish a foundation to protect the endangered butterfly.

"I want to be the patron of this foundation. To kick start the foundation's work I'm putting here K10,000 to campaign to save the Queen Alexandra butterfly.

"We've also decided that from now on all the district letterheads, all electoral letterheads, all parliamentary letterheads and all my letterheads, we will now have a small phrase at the bottom of the letter, and its gonna say 'act and protect the endangered Queen Alexandra butterfly'.

"That's (the butterfly) the only thing in this province that you will not find anywhere else in the world. That's uniquely Papua New Guinea.

"God has blessed us with this butterfly. We must protect it at all costs''.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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