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PNG Minister says Scientist's Reports into Basamuk Polution lacks credibility

A Papua New Guinea Government Minister said the reports of the international scientists into Basamuk Spill lacks credibility.

The international scientists were engaged by the Madang Provincial Government.

Newly appointed Minister for Environment and Conservation Wera Mori said this is because the report has not been made available to the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority.

"If they are talking about heavy metals found in the waters and fish, they have to tell us what sot of metals are they talking about, so that we can also tests for those metals.

If they are not giving us the report and if they are not telling us what type of heavy metals they are talking about than, the report does not make any sense," said Minister Mori.

Mori's comments follows several investigations and reports both by CEPA and the overseas scientists whose reports differ largely.

Meanwhile, another formal investigation will be carried out by the Conservation Environment and Protection Authority into the Basamuk Spill.

CEPA will work with other relevant agencies and the investigation will be headed by Minister Wera Mori.

Mr. Mori told reporters today, the team leaves for Madang next week.

This will be fourth investigation altogether for both the Government team and the international experts.

NBC / PNG Today

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