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Alarming Statistics on deaths due to Road Accidents in PNG revealed

Statistics reveal that on average nine people are killed and/or injured during road accidents per day on PNG's roads every year.

Typical Road Accidents
The Papua New guinea Road Traffic Authority reveals that between 2011 and 2015, almost 12,000 crashes were reported to police, resulting in approximately 16,000 recorded deaths and/or injuries.

The RTA recently completed a collating and analysis on road crash and casualty data reported to police for 2011 to 2015 five year period.

It's Chief Executive, Nelson Terema said according to its road crash database, the problem is serious, with fatal and serious injuries on roads increasing at an alarming rate every year since 2002.

The World Health Organization estimates the actual number of road deaths in PNG, due to under-reporting, to be three times more than the reported number.

Mr. Terema said with an increase in population and vehicles on roads, the problem is only going to get worse.

He said a significant and fundamental shift is needed in how the country designs, builds, and maintains roads, effective enforcement of road traffic rules such as speeding and drink-driving and better promotion of road safety behavior for all road users.

Terema adds, apart from better training and testing of drivers, there's also a serious need to improve the entire system, including safer roads and roadsides, safer speeds, safer vehicles, and safer road users.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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