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PNGCIR gives Students Certificates after Volunteer Program

The PNG Civil and Identity Registry (PNGCIR) presented certificates to 103 students who were part of a volunteer program facilitated by the organization in Port Moresby.

The purpose of the program was to instill in the students with the right attitudes, work ethics, and experience through hands-on training and supervision by PNGCIR.

The students have learned about the six processes: registration, data entry, data management, approval, printing, and issuance of birth certificates and national identity document (BNID).

The Acting Deputy Registrar-General, Salome Bogosia emphasized to the student volunteers on having the right mindset and attitude towards work.

“Your attitude towards work and those around you will determine your future in any organization,” Bogosia said.

In addition, Acting Registrar-General, Noel Mobiha was impressed by the performance of the student volunteers and have assured those that have already graduated last year from various tertiary institutions that they’ll be engaged by PNGCIR according to their performance.

The students thanked the Management and Staff of PNGCIR for the work experience and the opportunity to be part of PNGCIR going forward.

Meanwhile, 16 of the student volunteers were farewelled by PNGCIR as they’ll be going back to their respective schools this year.

Mobiha said that PNGCIR will continue with the program in other PNGCIR provincial offices nationwide. 

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