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GG Recognises Top Students

 Port Moresby, PNG - June 24, 2024: Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, Governor General of Papua New Guinea, has personally met with and congratulated two outstanding students from Paradise College who recently received top awards at a prestigious international high school project competition.

Gertrude Angel Waifaf, a grade 10 student at Paradise College, earned a gold medal in the Creative Writing category at the Genius Olympiad held at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, USA. Her award-winning poem offers a profound depiction of environmental destruction from the perspective of a tree.

GG Recognises Top Students [Photo supplied]

Rualdiro Makindi, a grade 9 student at Paradise College, won a silver medal in the Arts category at the same competition. His artwork vividly portrays the impact of human actions on the environment as seen from the perspective of future generations.

Sir Bob expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the two students, highlighting their success in a global competition that included participants from many other countries. Lady Emeline Dadae, wife of the Governor General, was moved to tears as she addressed the students.

In recognition of their achievements, Sir Bob presented Gertrude and Rualdiro with Certificates of Commendation, personally signed by him. Additionally, Telikom Ltd CEO Amos Tepi and Senior Manager Shayam Prasannaa gifted the students the latest Samsung Galaxy mobile phones in appreciation of their exceptional performance.

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