Kapuls named Papua New Guinea Team of the Year

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After an historic year of developing football and breaking records, the Papua New Guinea national football team was awarded 2017 Team of the Year at the SP Sports Awards in Port Moresby on Saturday.
Running for the past 21 years through the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee, the South Pacific Breweries sponsored ceremony recognises the achievements of Papua New Guinea’s top sporting personalities across 15 different categories.
Papua New Guinea Football Association President David Chung was proud to see coach Flemming Serritslev and the national side acknowledged for their commitment and outstanding achievements – including finishing second in the region’s most prestigious football competition, the OFC Nations Cup.
“It’s a well-deserved win for the players after their commitment and dedication and also the hard working coach who is determined to make it a success for Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“Climbing so many steps from our average world ranking of 184 to reach 156 is a great achievement for the senior men’s team. They have made history for football in PNG.
“The Kapuls are deserved winners of the Team of the Year, congratulations to the team and the coach.”
Receiving the award on behalf of the team captain Michael Foster expressed how proud he was to be a part of the ‘Team of the Year’ and acknowledged the people behind-the-scenes that made the team’s achievements possible.
“I would like to dedicate this award to our coach, management and our families and friends who have committed their time in supporting us,” he said.
“Winning the Team of the Year award means a lot to us as current players and also the former players that were with us when we took part in the OFC Nations Cup last year.
“All the players have been working hard since day one and I think we deserve it.”
The Kapuls’ eligibility for the award – and current world ranking – stems heavily from their outstanding performance at last year’s OFC Nations Cup, which doubled as the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Qualifiers – OFC Stage 2.
Papua New Guinea qualified for the final of the competition for the first time in the history of PNGFA then battled New Zealand to a 0-0 draw after 120 minutes of football. The Kiwis were only able to find the net and win the title in the resulting penalty shootout, but finishing comfortably within the top six at the conclusion of the tournament, Papua New Guinea continued to on to Stage 3 of the OFC qualifiers.
Still in contention for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, Foster believes the award has given the team a perfectly-timed lift in confidence ahead of their final Group B matches against Solomon Islands in the OFC Stage 3 qualifiers next month.
“This is a stepping stone for us too because currently we are in training camp. I think it will boost the morale of the players leading into our qualifiers against the Solomon Islands.”
Papua New Guinea will play Solomon Islands at Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara on 9 June and at PNG Football Stadium in Port Moresby on 13 June in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Qualifiers – OFC Stage 3.
 Sourc: OFC

PNG Elections : Manase tells Polye to stop being a coward that hides from his people

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Candidate for the Kandep open seat  and lawyer Alfred Manase has raised concerns over the fact that sitting MP and Opposition leader Don Polye is yet to visit his constituencies in Kandep.

Mr Manase believes Mr Polye is too afraid to front up to the people who are angered by his failure to deliver on promises and fulfill pledges that he had made during the previous election.
“If Mr Polye is to visit the people, he will have to confront his failures and that would be too glaring to accept. He would see schools, aid posts and roads that are unusable and be confronted by people angry with him over a clear lack of services in the Kandep region.”
Manase has also raised concerns over the campaign strategy being employed by Mr Polye during this election.

To date, the Opposition leader has not yet set foot in Kandep.
Mr Manase believes this might be indicative of Mr Polye’s plan to commit electoral fraud as he had allegedly done in the past.
“Don Polye is hiding from the people of Kandep, and is proof that he is too scared to face up to the people he has ignored for over a decade, ” Mr Manase said.
“I am now reading in the newspaper that he has chosen to attack the Electoral Commission, the one authority who will be there to stop him from cheating as he did in 2007 and 2012.”
“Don doesn’t want the PNG Defence Force in Kandep, either; he fears having a safe and secure election will stop his people from intimidating voters in Kandep with firearms.”

“Anyone who wants to be the prime minister of Papua New Guinea needs to respect democracy. Mr Polye’s attack on the PNGDF, the Electoral Commission and local police who are not ‘loyal’ to him shows that democracy is something Don wishes he didn’t have to deal with.”
“I have spent the entire campaign period visiting the people of Kandep and seeing firsthand the consequences of Polye’s 15-year leadership. There are no roads, schools are falling apart, and there is no healthcare. What has he done with his DSIP funds?”
“Don should stop being a coward and face the people he has let down. He should not be allowed to call himself the alternative prime minister while his people are suffering like this.”

Apakas confident of winning the Wabag Open

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A candidate for Wabag Open, Waeo Apakas Meck has declared that he was getting more support from other rival candidates during his farewell function hosted by his Dep Tribe and supporters at Mars Girls resort in Central Province yesterday.

Apakas declared that he “is a friend to everybody and enemy to none.”

“The candidates are offering me fuel drums, vehicles and other monetary commitments and they all have told their supporters to cast their second votes to Apakas,” a confident Apakas said.

“The candidates are battling with each other but not me. I will run through that gap to be you Member for Parliament,” he told his supporters.

Apakas told his people that, candidates for the Wabag Open, Pato Potane, Dr Lino Moses, Keneth Korakali Lorma have supported him with fuel drums and Win Kambya and Sam Abal have offered a vehicle each to him do his campaign more easier.

“I thank these rival candidates that are contesting the same seat but have come forward with their great help,” he said adding that they are identifying his potential to win the election.

These candidates have given him their support and he said he was confident to eye the Wabag Open seat.

Apakas was an employee with the National Department of Works as a Staff Industrial Officer who lived with his family and friends in his province while working at Enga Works in Wabag.

“I am just a grade three drop out but I have made my way up to serve the nation. This is a good sign of my winning,” he to a capacity crowd.

Dressed in a black suit, Apaks said he will “definitely be a winner if he is successful in qualifying” at the first count.

40,000 registered with Paul Paraka's Grassroots United Front Party

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Up to 40,000 residents in the National Capital District have registered their details with the Grassroots United Front, as part of the party's campaign strategy of reaching people directly through their communities.

A statement from the party also says, about 700 youths are employed as aides, pushing along the campaign trail of the party's leader, Paul Paraka for the National Capital District Regional Seat.
These youths are armed with three different forms, which they are using to create awareness, to appeal to voters and to seek information for the party to deliver on its promises if it gets into power.
These forms include a volunteer form to show and give support to the Grassroots United Front party in anyway, a Committee Membership form, and another to seek free legal help from the the party through the Paul Paraka law firm.

Mr Paraka says, an important part of these campaign forms, is to determine the reach of his campaign and how this information can be translated into service delivery for the people.
NBC News/ PNG Today

PPP still keen on Women reserved seats

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The People's Progress Party is still keen on legislating reserved seats for women Members of Parliament.
The PPP's Public Officer, David Motsy told NBC News, this is among reforms the party plans to introduce if it forms the government in August.
Former MP Dame Carol Kidu, had championed the Equality and Participation Bill for 22 reserved seats for women MP's in 2010, however, while it was passed, Parliament had deviated from passing accompanying regulations to police the bill, making it redundant.
The PPP says it is now proposing to legislate to have four reserved seats for women.
The PPP also proposes to get Parliament to recognize and lift the status of the Motu-Koita Assembly to full provincial government status.
The party further proposes to introduce the Village and Urban Development ministries, to focus on development in villages and towns across the country.
The PPP was among major coalition partners under the PNC-led government, but had broke ranks with the ruling party during the Vote of No Confidence last year.
NBC News

PNG Hunters Team for round 13 against Norths Devils

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PNG Hunters Coach Michael Marum has retained the same side that thrashed Townsville Blackhawks 42 - 4 last week  for this Sunday’s round 13 clash against the Norths Devils in Brisbane, Australia.

The Devils are one of the team that beat Hunters on their home ground in round 4 this year and coach Marum and his troops  will be looking to avenge that loss.

Hunters winger Bland Abavu will be playing his 50th Intrust Super Cup game for the Hunters on Sunday and Marum has congratulated him for his achievements.

The Hunters will leave for Brisbane on Saturday  and will take on the Devils on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

The Hunters Team.
The 20 man squad is: 1. Stargroth AMEAN 2. Bland ABAVU 3. Israel ELIAB 4. Willie MINOGA 5. Adex WERA 6. Ase BOAS – Captain 7. Watson BOAS 8. Wellington ALBERT 9. Wartovo PUARA Jnr 10. Esau SIUNE 11. Nixon PUT 12. David LOKO 13. Stanton ALBERT 14. Silas GAHUNA 15. Brandy PETER 16. Enock MAKI 17. Moses MENINGA 18. Rhadley BRAWA 19. Paul WAWA 20. Butler MORRIS (Two to be omitted).

No Child should be denied Education : PM O'Neill

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The Prime Minister has made it clear that voters have a choice between keeping free education as promised by PNC, or to turn back the clock with the opposition who have promised to put an end to free education. The Prime Minister made the point when visiting Ialibu in the Southern Highlands today, which is where he attended high school.

“I have personal experience of how hard life is for families when education is not free,” the Prime Minister said to a large gathering in Ialibu.
“I went to school here in Ialibu, and I know how difficult it was for my Mother to find money for school.
“I look around here today and see many of my school friends, and we all know what a challenge it was for many of our parents to pay for school.
“We had to ask for help from our relatives and people in our village.
“I never want to see that happen to a family again.

“Poor families must be able to get an education just as much as a family with money.
“Those in opposition have already declared that they will end free education.
“The opposition will make parents pay school fees, and if families do not have enough money, their kids will be thrown out of school.
“In our Government we want the best opportunities for your children.
“Our country is now having an education revolution, and the only way this will continue is if the people bring us back to office so we can continue our work.
“We are educating children now so that they can go on to be a doctor, or an engineer, or a builder or a carpenter.

“There is no reason that a child from a remote village cannot go to school and one day fly a jet or construct massive buildings.
“I came from the village, but I was just lucky, while I had no shoes I had an education only because of the generosity of people.
“We must have generosity from the Government and give an education to every child in Papua New Guinea.”

Minister Zeming: Parliament is Five Years – Not 100 Days - Opposition Needs to Wise-up and Address Real Policy Issues

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Deputy Leader of the People’s National Congress, Hon. Mao Zeming MP, has ridiculed claims by the opposition that they are so highly focused on the first 100 days of the new Parliament.

“These opposition members keep talking about what they will do in 100 days, but they have no plan for the remaining 1,725 days of the next Parliament,” the Minister said.
“They have to think longer than 100 days if they ever want to be part of a coalition Government.
“This 100-day idea is American media jargon and has been adopted in Australia, where policies are rushed through in 100 days to meet media cycles.
“We are not Australia and we are not America, we are Papua New Guinea.
“The opposition have to understand that running a country is not about cheap media stunts, and it is not about 100 days, running Government is about delivering clear and coherent policies over five years.
“Our Government does not live in the short-term media cycle, we deliver policy and legislation over the full five years of Government and this produces real results for Papua New Guineans.
“Through the Alotau Accord, our Government coalition delivered a strategic policy agenda that has changed lives.
“We delivered the key policies of free education and universal healthcare, we improved law and order and we undertook the most extensive infrastructure development in our nation’s history.
“We did this through the development and implementation of coherent public policy over five years of Government.”
Minister Zeming said the choice before the nation is clear, to vote for confused and inexperienced opposition members who have no plan, or to vote for candidates of the PNC-led Government and continue development in the nation.
“When we return to Government we will deliver legislation that was not passed earlier because of opposition political nonsense.
“ICAC will be established and the 2018 budget presented to the Parliament for debate.
“We will deliver taxation reform, we will create new opportunities for small business and we will create thousands of new jobs through investment in major new projects.”
Minister Zeming said there is a lack of knowledge and experience in the opposition, and their confused campaigns demonstrate their inability to hold any substantial office.

PNG Elections : Port Moresby North East Supporters of candidates clash

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Whilst the campaign weeks are winding down, National Capital District encountered several incidents of candidates and supporters clashing.
The recent incident was between supporters of sitting member for Moresby North-East Labi Amaiu and North-East candidate John Kaupa.

Supporters of Labi Amaiu, had reportedly gone on a rampage causing destruction to property and wounding bystanders at the Six Mile store-fronts recently.
The cause of the rampage is not clear, however, Mr. Amaiu told NBC news, the incident was provoked by supporters of rival candidate, John Kaupa.

Six Mile Police confirmed the incident to NBC news, saying they've received several reports from the public complaining of being attacked by Mr. Amaiu's supporters.
NBC News also saw an old man at the station reporting to police with bush knife wounds, claiming to be attacked by Labi Amaiu's supporters along the shop fronts at 6- mile.
In the process an innocent candidate for Moresby North-East John Robbin Bria's vehicle was also damaged, allegedly by Mr Aamiu's supporters.

In retaliation, John Bria's supporters blocked off the road leading up to Mr Amaiu's house at 5- mile Gordon Ridge, demanding an explanation the next day.
Sitting Member for Moresby North-East Lambi Amaiu denied all allegations, stating he is taking legal action against John Kaupa for provocations.
However, John Kaupa said, he has nothing to do with the incident.
Mr Kaupa told NBC News, whatever happened at 6-Mile market is a public place and he does not own the market nor the people there.
Independent Candidates John Robin Bria said he is an innocent victim of some undisciplined candidates.

John Bria said candidates who contest for national elections must demonstrate maturity as Moresby North-East seat is not a district in a province, were supporters can be encouraged to involved in ethnic clashes.
Mr Bria a lawyer and diplomat by profession said, if candidates wish to be national leaders and law makers, they must demonstrate their capabilities now.
However he said, some of our leaders are behaving like they are in a war zone and this is embarrassing as international communities are also watching, especially in the nation's capital.
NBC News/PNG Today Photo: Campaign rally at 8-mile settlement: By : Elah E

University of Goroka to bring 'Gown to Town'

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The more teachers in classrooms, the less there will be overcrowding in schools.
This was the remark of Professor Musawe Sinebare, Vice Chancellor for University of Goroka (UOG)  during a press conference today at the Education Department, Waigani.
Professor Sinebare said the only way to address this is to increase the number of qualified teachers who graduate each year from UOG.

He added that currently on average, there are over 60 students to a teacher giving only one minute interaction time to spend with each of the students. Furthermore, seven to ten students are forced to share one text book each day due to the shortage of materials.

Chancellor for UOG Mr. Joseph Sukwianomb also present at the press conference added that UOG has secured extra land to build the “UOG City” to cater for Distance and Flexible Learning students from Mt Hagen and Honiara, Solomon Islands (SI). This will assist students from the Open campus in SI and Hagen or other provinces with the burden of flying in and out just for graduation.
He said Goroka campus which caters for only 1500 students is currently overcrowded by taking in 4000 students meaning 3500 are non residential.
Professor Sinebare adds that the aim of UOG is to bring the “Gown to Town” a slogan denoting the institutions aim of reaching out to greater PNG and in turn increasing human capital in the country. PNGFM : Photo by : Lawrie Hane

PNG to prepare for potential EL NINO event

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Key disaster risk management and government stakeholders held a two days workshop which started today to prepare for a potential El Nino event in August which could bring drier-than-normal conditions to PNG.

United Nations Development Program Resident Representative Roy Trivedy said this workshop will provide a critical platform for the Government of PNG, humanitarian and development agencies to prepare for this potential El Nino event.
He further stated that if the country return to El Nino conditions without adequate preparations at national and sub-national levels, that could lead up to significant and severe humanitarian impacts.
Chairman for National Disaster Committee Mr Dickson Guina said collective effort is needed to deal with natural disasters that are said to occur.

Mr Guina said collective effort is vital when disaster strike and past experiences is needed to plan forward. He said early warning for El Nino is critical for the country to plan ahead and be prepared. He said such workshop hosted by UNDP is a great opportunity for everyone to learn and prepare when disaster strikes. He urged participants to focus on risk management during this two days workshop.

Acting Director for National Disaster Centre Mr Martin Mose said systematic approach is also vital when preparing for natural disaster such as El Nino.
Mr Mose said the workshop will help us to map out the potential impacts of an El Nino in 2017 based on climate modelling, current vulnerabilities and disaster impact modelling to aid planning of immediate risk management and response preparedness activities. He said risk for such natural event is real and full cooperation is needed.PNGFM

Pacific Games Council to make last attempt to keep 2019 Games in Tonga

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The Pacific Games Council (PGC) Executive Board met last Friday to address the Tongan Government’s letter of withdrawal from hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

As part of its meeting, the Executive Board was addressed by Lord Vaea, acting President of TASANOC, and Lord Sevele, the Chairman of the Tonga 2019 Pacific Games Organising Committee.

The Executive Board resolved to make one last attempt to keep the 2019 Pacific Games in Tonga. In 2012, the PGC membership voted emphatically for Tonga to host these Games and the Executive Board remains confident that Tonga can successfully deliver the event should the Government resume its support.

In the Pacific way, the Executive Board favors keeping the door open to the Tongan Government for a final short period to address its financial concerns with the PGC in a spirit of cooperation.

The PGC has previously written to the Prime Minister with this offer but will now ask TASANOC to facilitate an appointment for PGC representatives to meet with him and the Cabinet in early June to begin a process of fully reviewing the Games’ cost structures.

In the meantime, the Executive Board will advise its members that it has put contingency plans in place for the process of selecting an alternative host nation quickly in the event that matters with the Tongan Government are not fully resolved by 30 June

Photo file: Pacific Games Council president Vidhya Lakhan

PNG Elections: Northern Governor Juffa questions electoral roll figures

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Serious concerns regarding suspected inflation of electoral roll figures has been raised in the Northern Province.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa recently claimed that in some parts of the country, the number of eligible voters is high, while in other electorates, the number is less.

“Higaturu LLG in 2012 had 21,000 voters, today they have 43,000, where did the extra 20,000 come from?
I heard Kokoda LLG, voter population in 2012 was 13,000, today it is 10,000, where did the 3,000 disappear to?

Now election nominal increases should be at 3%from the last election to now.
And that is not the case in these instances.
If there are anomilies we would like to know,” Mr Juffa said.
Attempts to get comments from the Electoral Commission were unsuccessful. NBC News

PNG Landowners shutdown airport

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Landowners on Lihir, have threaten to shut down the Londolovit Airport today, over outstanding compensation demand of about K3bn, for more than 20 years.
Nimarmar Local Level Government Council Media Officer Tony Sapan, says the closure will affect the Lihir Mine's Fly In Fly Out services, medicinal supply to the island, businesses, banks and emergencies if they occur during the closure.
"Ol papa giraun ting olsem company has used it long enough and they need to be compensated for it.
"Imas igat compensation agreement. The company has forgone meetings ol ibin plenim long toktok long dispela compensation.
"Na nau, failure blo ol ibai affectim mine, na the whole Lihir community.
"Ol (landowners) ibai planim gorgor long airport tomorrow."(Monday 29.05)
Mr Sapan also says the landowners have set the April 15 as the deadline to talk about their compensation demand with the company, but this has lapsed and they now have opted to shut down the airport for an indefinite period.
NBC News - Gregory Moses

PNG Elections: NCD Regional Seat literally hanging by the nut

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The debate on Papua New Guinea's favorite nut, the betelnut, could provide the winning edge in the National Capital District Regional Seat.
Thousands of settlers in Port Moresby sustain themselves through the huge betelnut trade which also extends into Central province.

However, since an introduced ban by incumbent NCD governor Powes Parkop in 2013, daily revenues to the livelihoods of thousands of people have been affected.
Many of the 38 candidates now contesting the NCD Regional Seat are now viewing debate on this local commodity as their ticket to win.
A number of them have also accommodated betelnut policing as part of their campaign policies.
Powes Parkop had partially lifted the ban last year, only allowing regulated sale on a wholesale and retail basis at approved locations in the city, a move which voters have viewed as reverting from his initial hardline stance.

Former NCD top cop and now candidate, Andy Bawa, said he would lift the ban and allocate proper vending sites for trading.
Former health minister and now candidate, Jamie Maxtone Graham, said he would rather lift the ban but impose hefty penalties instead.
Another candidate, civil engineer Robert Agen, said he will pioneer a recycling plant for betelnut husks and spittle.
But lawyer Paul Paraka, said he will make sure all those who have been victims of the betelnut ban are compensated.
With these differing views, it is obvious that whoever commands the debate on the betelnut trade will gain favour with the voters.
NBCNews -Kelvin Kaspar : Photo - NBC

PNG Elections : 2017 Election Security Operation begins

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PNG 2017 Election Operation begins. Photo by Stanis H
Thousands of security personnel in Papua New Guinea  have started a mass deployment throughout the country, after receiving their operational orders for election security last Friday.
Police Commissioner, Gari Baki said the highlands region, considered 'high risk' will be the first.
He has appealed to the team, comprising police, army and Correctional Service, to be professional, diligent and ethical.
Meantime, Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato said he is happy with the election security.
“I am quite impressed with what they have done.
The mobilisation, the organisation, in supporting election 2017,”said Mr Gamato.
Speaking too at the launch, the Government, through Chief Secretary, Issac Lupari said it is confident of delivering a successful 2017 Election.
NBC News

Decision to pull out of Pacific Games “very difficult” says Tonga PM’s office

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The Prime Minister’s office says he has considered all possible options before deciding to withdraw from hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

A statement from the office described the decision as “very difficult.”

“Tonga will be no lesser as a nation for not hosting.

“We need to understand that a mirror was held to the sporting face of our nation and it was not a good reflection and has not been for a very long time.

“The lesson here is to own that fact and those of us who have held the wheel will need to be honest with ourselves.”

The Prime Minister’s office reiterated that the decision to withdraw was based on World Bank report which said Tonga could not afford to hold the Games.

As Kaniva News reported earlier this week, the report was completed in 2013, before the current government took power or instituted a series of fiscal measures that have given it a more promising financial standing.

The Prime Minister’s office said the report was not an official report for publication, but was intended only for the attention of the requesting Government.

Tonga was awarded the right to host the games in 2012, but after five years no major investment had been raised outside of Government.

Financing the Games could drain TP$100 million from the government budget, with major affects on services, salaries and employment with little long term gain.

“It is only conceivable to host the games if the Government can be guaranteed that all of the funding can be found from sources outside of the domestic budget, and that most of it will be from new aid sources,” the report said.

“There is no identifiable way to fund the games from domestic revenue or known aid without a totally unacceptable cuts in the extent and quality of government service delivery.”

Source: Kaniva News

Secondary Schools in PNG to be transferred under Higher Education

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Plans are underway to have all the powers of secondary schools throughout the country transferred to the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology.
They currently come under the Department of Education.
Acting Secretary of Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology Father Jan Czuba told NBC News, this is part of the department's plans for the future.
"The full idea is to make sure that we maintain the quality of education.
"We are very much concerned that the high education sector cannot perform well if the primary and secondary are not doing well.
"We would like to implement a NEC decision of 1995.
"Teachers are very important in primary schools, but teachers coming from our colleges, the quality of education is lower and lower.
"We would like to implement new curriculum for teachers in teachers' colleges, and we would like to focus too on centres of excellence in different provinces and regions.
"This will help them improve the curriculum, rehabilitate the current infrastructure and improve the learning and teaching environment," Fr Jan said.
NBC News

PNG Politicians urged not to use education as a political gimmick

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Education should not be used only as a political gimmick by intending candidates to win votes.

This is the message from the National Research Institute after releasing a report on the current state of education in Papua New Guinea.

NRI has noted that one of the key policies in most political parties’ platforms in the current 2017 National General Elections campaign is education.

However, are PNG’s candidates focusing on quality as well as quantity?

While Tuition Fee Free (TFF) policy is being rolled out to all schools nationwide, funds have only been enough for minor improvements in resource facilities.

“There is an increasing acute shortage of textbooks and teaching aids due to increased student enrolment. This has progressively worsened since 2012,” says the NRI.

“Limited funds and in some instances, zero funds, were invested to improve the quality of education in schools.

“All efforts have been focused only on the provision of school access.

“At present, the declining quality of learning, in particular in basic education, is a major concern.”

The Institute has based its research on Grade Eight examination results, which is one way of assessing the quality of learning across the country.

From the sample of Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education results analysed in 2013, NRI noted the low literacy, numeracy and combined subjects’ skills in the three examined subjects. Apart from that, the results show 17 of the 22 provinces scoring below the all-PNG cut off mark of 80 in 2013.

“Even in those provinces that have attained high access rates, the quality of education is very poor,” reports NRI.

What’s concerning is that when the average score across provinces is far lower than the national cut off mark of 80, the provinces then lower the national cut off mark. This is to select students to continue to Grade Nine, which in turn causes the quality of learning in the provinces concerned, and across PNG as a whole, to decline.

“This approach poses high risks for these students to drop out even before completing lower secondary education, which in turn will lead to poor quality of learning. All these suggest that rigorous efforts are needed to improve quality of learning, especially at the basic education level,” states the NRI.

“It is now up to the people of Papua New Guinea to vote for leaders whom they believe will advocate for quality education to better the lives of children and the majority of PNG’s populace.”

PNG Hunters thrash Townsville Blackhawks 42 - 4

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The SP Papua New Guinea Hunters  thrashed Townsville Blackhawks 42 - 4  in round 12 of the Intrust Super Cup match at the National Football Stadium  this afternoon.  The Hunters
 also won the  inaugural Air Niugini Cup.

The Blackhawks wasted no time to register the first try through Carlin Anderson just after two minutes into the game. Conversion was unsuccessful and the visitors took the early lead 4 - 0.

The Hunters regrouped and replied with a try through  enforcer David Loko, who sliced through the defence to score under the posts. Conversion was successful and the home side took over the lead 6 - 4.  Hunters fullback Stargroth Amean  in a man-of-the-match performance dashed through the defence line and  scored the Hunters second try. Boas added the extras to further extend the lead to 12 - 4.

A penalty was awarded to the homeside and Boas shot a penalty to put the  lead at 14- 4. The Hunters put more pressure on the Blackhawks with set plays in attack and in defence. Amean crossed over for his second try. Another try from Willie Minoga put the homeside 26 - 4 lead at the break.

The second half began with complete dominance from the someside and kept the visitors scoreless. .

Amean crossed over for a  a hat trick  from a Boas kick.

It was a miserable afternoon for the Blackhawks, who were unable to stop the onslaught.

The Hunters scored two more times through Gahuna Silas in the 58th and then a special from Watson Boas who ran 50 metres to score five minutes out from full time.

Full time: PNG Hunters 42 beat Townsville Blackhawks 4

PNG Hunters v Townsville Blackhawks round 12 preview

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In round 12 of the Intrust Super cup, the  PNG Hunters will play the Blackhawks for the Air Niugini Cup this weekend, with the airline putting up the perpetual trophy to help commemorate the recently launched direct flights between Port Moresby and Townsville. “The Cup will be played for on an annual basis and will encourage our fellow country folk living in and around Townsville, supporters of the Blackhawks as well as the business and corporate community to travel to Port Moresby,” Air Niugini CEO Simon Foo said.

 On the field, the Hunters will be confident of continuing their winning run, as they have won both games played in PNG against the Blackhawks. In addition to winning their past four games, Townsville have been strong on the road and have taken the two points in four of their past five away games. However, top try-scorer Jonathon Reuben has been ruled out with injury. This weekend, Blackhawks hooker Anthony Mitchell will feature in his 100th Cup game, with the former NRL player having previously played with Mackay who won the premiership in 2013.

 The Teams
PNG Hunters

1. Stargroth Amean 2. Bland Abavu 3. Israel Eliab 4. Adex Wera 5. Wawa Paul 6. Ase Boas (c) 7. Watson Boas 8. Wellington Albert 9. Wartovo Puara 10. Esau Siune 11. Nixon Putt 12. Willie Minoga 13. Stanton Albert 14. Silas Gahuna 15. Rahdly Brawa 16. Enock Maki 17. Moses Meninga 18. Brandy Peter 19. Ishamel Baikawa 20. Butler Morris

Coach: Michael Marum

Townsville Blackhawks

1. Carlin Anderson 2. Samsen O’Neill 3. Temone Power 4. Davin Crampton 5. Jonathon Reuben 6. Kyle Laybutt 7. Michael Parker-Walshe 8. Sam Hoare 9. Anthony Mitchell 10. Corey Jensen 11. Blake Leary 12. Andrew Niemoeller 13. Daniel Beasley (c) 14. Kierran Moseley 15. Jordan Kenworthy 16. Sione Lousi 22. Oshae Tuiasau

Coach: Kristian Woolf

National Football Stadium on Sunday, May 28 - 3pm
Referee: Tim Rutherford
Head-to-Head: PNG 3 Townsville 2
Twitter: #intrustsupercup #PNGvTSVB

Marape responds to Polye’s disastrous plans for PNG’s economy

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Following Don Polye making a promise to sell PNG’s stake in Oil Search Limited, PNG Finance Minister  James Marape MP has hit back at Polye’s short term thinking.

“Don Polye has again shown that he does not understand the value of PNG’s investment in Oil Search. There are very good strategic reasons for PNG to ensure we are involved in Oil Search’s future.”
“We need to maintain our national interest presence in such an important PNG grown petroleum company, a company that is a top twenty listed trading company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Our presence is the only thing stopping IPIC and Arab states buying off minority shares in what should be PNG owned projects and businesses.”
“If these Arab states, who are probably the most experienced oil and gas traders in the world, so desperately want to be involved with Oil Search and the future of petroleum production in PNG, who is Don to think he knows better?”

“The O’Neill government had to maintain a national ownership policy that ensured we had a stake in petroleum production in Papua New Guinea. Because of IPIC’s reluctance to release their shares we had to buy our presence to ensure we are a stakeholder in Oil Search in the long term.
“This allows the PNG government to pass wealth onto our people and stop it going offshore to benefit people that aren’t even Papua New Guineans.”

“It is not for short term money interest but long term national interest that our Government makes decisions like this.”

China’s President to be Invited for State Visit to Papua New Guinea

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The President of China, H.E. Xi Jinping, will be invited to attend an Official State visit to Papua New Guinea when he attends the APEC Summit in November 2018.

The matter was raised during a meeting held by Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, with China’s new Ambassador, H.E. Xue Bing, in Port Moresby this week.

The Prime Minister said relations between Papua New Guinea and China are built on strong historical foundations and the State Visit will provide the basis for deepening this engagement.

“President Xi Jinping was one of the first Leaders to accept our invitation to attend the APEC Leaders’ Summit, and now we would like to extend our welcome through a State Visit at the same time.
“This will provide greater opportunity to advance direct bilateral engagement and investment, and for President Xi to see first-hand the development co-operation between our countries.
“China is a foundation customer for Papua New Guinea’s LNG exports, and the volume of trade and commercial relations in other areas continues to grow.
Papua New Guinea also appreciates China’s support in advancing education in our country.
“Our country is committed to a One China Policy, and this provides a basis for the strengthening of engagement and co-operation.”
PM O’Neill said China and Papua New Guinea will further continue working together in other global forums.
“Our countries have shared interests in many of the major challenges facing the world today.
“On climate change, we have a common desire to deal with this problem and co-operate in international forums to bring about global action.
“Papua New Guinea also shares similar views to China in relation to United Nations reform, in that the current UN model must evolve with the needs of the global community.
“The UN must be relevant to all members.”
PM O’Neill said the strengthening of people-to-people engagement is vital to growing the relationship.
“While Papua New Guinea and China formalised bilateral relations in 1976, our two Nations have long historical links through trade.
“For more than 200 years, Chinese people have come to our country and been involved in business.
“In the coming years we will continue to deepen this interaction between our countries with the establishment of direct flights between Port Moresby and Shanghai.
“This increased ease of travel will provide a further gateway to expand business and tourism, and also to establish more student exchanges.”
H.E. Xue Bing, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, has previously served in diplomatic postings in Canada, Australia, Kenya, United States, New Zealand and Fiji.

Mine Village Poultry project to supply Tabubil, Bige and Kiunga

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SIX Ok Tedi mine landowner villages will soon supply Tabubil, Bige and Kiunga with over 3.6 million eggs, and 26,000 broiler chickens each year through a project initiated by the Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF).

OTDF has engaged Israeli agro-business company, Innovative Agro Industries (IAI), to implement the project.
The six villages involved in the project are Atemkit, Finalbin, Bultem,  avorabip,Migalsimbip, and Wangbin.
A ground breaking ceremony for the project, known as the Mount Fubilan Agro-Industries poultry project, was held on May 24, 2017 at the OTDF Agriculture Centre in Tabubil, where the chicken sheds, feed mill and other associated facilities will be built.

The project will generate revenue for the mine villages from egg sales but also enables their food security needs with the sale of live chickens. Following 18 months of planning, the project has gained a keen interest from the mine villages, especially the women-folk.
OTDF Chief Executive Officer Ian Middleton, during a speech that touched the hearts and minds of the mine village communities, said: “This is an excellent agribusiness opportunity for the mine villages given their lack of arable land, it has a committed technical partner in IAI, and the Star
Mountain Women’s Association (SMWA) has contributed 20% of the funding, they must now be active participants. It has bound the mine village communities together for the first time.”
“Not only is this project a good social story, it is also a solid business proposition,” Mr Middleton said, adding that:
“The payback period is expected to be within four years and project returns are hoped to support future mine village education needs.”
The project will cost K7 million with funding coming from the Village Planning Committee’s (60%), SMWA (20%) and IAI (20%).
Apart from supplying Tabubil and surrounding areas, Kiunga and Bige
are also expected to be supplied with fresh eggs.
Already, the project has attracted another landowner company and Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s catering contractor, Fubilan Catering Services, as its first customer, committing to buy 6,000 eggs per day.
IAI Chairman and Executive Director, Ilan Weiss, said the company was committed to partnering with Papua New Guinean’s and to making the project a success.
Mr Weiss was pleased to add that growing the chicken feed (maize) on the Bige reclaim site was an exciting opportunity that further benefits community income earning opportunities.
OTDF Associate Director representing the North Fly and mine villages, Maino Lucas, encouraged his people to make use of opportunities the project will generate.
“We mine villages have enjoyed the last 30 years of receiving direct benefits from OTML, yet have little to show for what has been received (and) now we must reset ourselves and get ready to really benefit from these sorts of opportunities. We must become the change that is needed in these communities.
The important element to sustain us is education, and we can realise that through agro-industries.
This project will maximize benefits for our community and provide employment, training, dividend payments, and project delivery as well. It will also be touched and seen by the grassroots in the communities,” Mr Lucas said.
Mine Village Women’s Representative, Alice Mumuyong said it was good that women had a share in the agro business project.
“The women and children in the community are happy that this project will benefit them. I would like to encourage women to take ownership of that project and they must really change their mindset of having cash on hand and make it a reality back in the community,” Ms Mumuyong said.
Also present to witness the ground-breaking was OTML CEO and Managing Director, Peter Graham, OTML Deputy CEO and OTDF Board Chairman, Musje Werror, OTDF Associate Directors Richard
Zumoi and Aniba Samo, and mine village leaders John Wanim, Biul Kirokim, Joel Dangkim, Borok Pitalok, and Joshua David along with VPC Chairmen and women leaders.

Buimo Prison break investigation team awaits warrant

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With the recent Buimo break out an investigation team is ready and awaiting warrant for investigations to be confirmed.

CS Commissioner Michael Waipo confirmed this saying the team will head to Lae once the funds have been made available.
He added that the team will be headed by deputy cooperate affairs, and facility operations officers of correctional services.
He also said that the Correctional Service will field 500 officers to assist the police mobile squad in the highlands for the polling period.
CS Commissioner Michael Waipo announced this after the launching of the security operations in Western Highlands today.
Commissioner Waipo added that each of the CS institutions in the province will field few officers in other provinces to assist provincial police commanders during the polling period.PNGFM

Kumuls to face Kangaroos, Fiji Bati in Suva

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The Australian Kangaroos will face Fiji and Papua New Guinea in an historic tri-contest in Suva ahead of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.

The innovative format of the match will see all three teams face each other on October 14, at Suva’s ANZ Stadium.

Fiji will face PNG before Australia takes on both PNG and finally Fiji. All three match-ups will last 40 minutes.

It will be the Kangaroos' first match in Fiji.

"This is a wonderful initiative and will be an historic day for Fiji, who will be hosting not one but two nations," NRL head of football Brian Canavan said.

"Fiji will get to see some of the best players in the world.

"Clearly the other important aspect will be that each contest will provide a strong preparation for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup."

Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga said the contest would be a novel way to prepare for his team, as well as an important one.

"Not only will this contest be good for the Kangaroos' preparation for the World Cup, it will be wonderful for international rugby league," Meninga said.

"I love the concept of three teams playing on the same stage. It will be a great exhibition for our game."

Fiji Bati coach Mick Potter said: "It will be a great showpiece. It can only be a good thing for the game in Fiji for the locals to see the Australian team playing against two different nations, including their own.

"The people of Fiji will appreciate having all the names associated with this Kangaroos team at their stadium, as well as the best players in Fiji and PNG. To have that calibre of player on show will be phenomenal for the game."

PNG coach Michael Marum said: "It’s the first time this has ever happened so it will be a good experience for all of us.

"We’ll take a lot out of playing 40 minutes of football against each of those teams, and we’re looking forward to doing some community work alongside Fiji as they work to make rugby league even stronger over there."..nrl.com

Tonga court sentences man for having carnal knowledge with child

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Twenty two year old Petuliki Lave has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the serious offence of carnal knowledge of a child under the age of 12.

The offence was committed in November last year.

While sentencing Lave, Justice Charles Cato adopted a starting point of 11-years imprisonment required to reflect Parliament's concern to protect young girls under the age of 12 from predatory behaviour of this kind.

Justice Cato said the paramount sentencing consideration is plainly the protection of children.

"It is the courts duty to protect children from this kind of conduct."

The judge acknowledged the prisoner, a first time offender had pleaded guilty, was cooperative and showed deep remorse, meriting a significant reduction.

Tonganow Online reports he gave a three-year discount and imposed eight-years imprisonment to be backdated to when he was in custody.

The probation officer reported that the prisoner had expressed a suicidal ideation and struggled with depression, said the judge who also suspended the final year of his sentence, upon strict orders.

"I also direct the Commissioner of Prisons to ensure that he is monitored for any suicidal tendencies and arrange appropriate medical including possible psychiatric assistance and treatment, if considered necessary."

The maximum sentence for this offence is life imprisonment.  
Source: Tonganow online

Health crisis worsening in PNG : Sir Mekere

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Former PNG  prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta claims a crisis in PNG's health care sector is worsening.
He said the latest cuts in the 2017 budget follows spending being slashed for the past three years.

Sir Mekere, who's return to politics to contest the Moresby Northwest Open Seat, said this comes despite promises from Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to protect health and other essential services.
Sir Mekere said there had been a health funding cut in real terms of 40 percent since the 2015 Budget.

He said a critical area was tuberculosis with an estimated 9000 deaths in the past three years.
Sir Mekere said health experts said Mr O'Neill's cuts had destroyed rural and remote health services.
He said about 1500 women die in childbirth every year, while 45 out of every 1000 babies died and the United Nations estimates about 12,000 children under five die each year.

Sir Mekere said PNG needs a properly planned and adequately funded reform program with the assistance of its international partners to undo the damage.
NBC News

A Member of the PNG Parliament Ezekiel Anisi collapses and dies

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The sitting Parliament Member for Ambunti-Drekikir, Ezekiel Anisi has collapsed and died in Port Moresby just yesterday afternoon.
Honourable Anisi collapsed at a guest house in Port Moresby at around 3pm and was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead by doctors between 4 and 5pm.

He was in Port Moresby to collect his posters and other stuff and was to return to Wewak today, to roll out his election campaign.
His family are gathering at his residence at Wewak Hill after learning of the tragedy.
Mr Anisi was the youngest MP to be elected in the last national election and this was his first Parliamentary term. NBC

Solomon Islands PM signs second firearms amnesty

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Prime Minister of Solomon Islands has signed the second and final firearms amnesty for the country on Monday.

The three weeks grace period kicked off yesterday and will end June 9th.

A statement from the Police Media Unit said, the amnesty program is implemented by the Royal Solomon Police Force and other stake holders.

“The three-week amnesty will cover all firearms including shot guns, semi-automatic rifles, pistols, homemade guns, machine guns, all Police weapons and any other type of firearm or ammunition, including replica firearms.

“The amnesty will provide an opportunity for anyone within the community to hand in their illegal weapons without prosecution.”

Police said, during this firearms amnesty, all outstanding firearms and ammunition must be delivered to a RSIPF Police Station or Police Post across all provinces in the Solomon Islands. No money or reward will be given.

“A certificate will be issued for any firearm or ammunition delivered to the RSIPF. A decision from the Solomon Islands Government means no person will be prosecuted for the theft or illegal possession of a firearm and or ammunition delivered to the RSIPF during the amnesty period.

“After the conclusion of the firearms amnesty, any person found in illegal possession of a firearm, whether stolen or not may be subject to the full force of the law.

“If prosecuted and convicted of illegal possession of a firearm and or ammunition, there are severe penalties including imprisonment and fines.”

This is the second time the Government of Solomon Islands has approved a Firearms Amnesty, the first was on the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands in 2003.

Any inquiry regarding the handling of firearms should be directed to your local police station, the statement concluded. Media release

More Students from Vanuatu to study at Fiji National University

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The Fiji National University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Vanuatu Institute of Technology which will enable more students from Vanuatu to study at the FNU

The MOU was signed in Suva, Fiji yesterday.

VIT principal Jack Graham said the FNU has been a beacon of timeless learning for many Vanuatu students.

He said FNU has produced graduates who helped contribute to Vanuatu’s development.

Graham said the signing marked another milestone in the historical cooperation between Fiji and Vanuatu.

FNU Vice Chancellor Professor Nigel Healey said the MOU would enable students from Vanuatu to learn from Technical, Vocational, Education and Training and the  National Productivity Training Centre. LoopVanuatu

PNG Elections : Credibility of Sacked NA Ministers Suffering Over Backflips

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The Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill   has expressed concern over 'political backflips' by sacked Ministers in the lead-up to the National Election.

In making the observation on short-sighted political behaviour, the Prime Minister said he hoped candidates would devote more time to serious debate on issues and not focus on cheap-shots that can only hurt those who point fingers.
“In just a few weeks we have seen National Alliance party members abandoning long-held and publicly stated policy positions and claiming that they had not been honest in their public statements while in Government,” the Prime Minister said.

“The former Treasurer has claimed that his financial powers as Treasurer were removed last year and that he did not make this public until after being removed from office.
“He has also suddenly changed his views on the Central Bank, changed his views on economic development in the country and claims that he defied legislation concerning government finance activities.

"These are not the words and actions of a leader, but of a person seeking political opportunity, and selling-out their reputation and credibility.
“Anything that the former Treasurer says now, that he could have said before but failed to do so, demonstrates that he either had no backbone when in Government, or that is just playing politics now.
“During his three years as Treasurer, if he had problems with the advice of the Central Bank, why did no not say so back then?”
The Prime Minister further questioned claims by Patrick Pruaitch that are at odds with the speech to Parliament in November 2017 by the Former Treasurer stating: ‘The Budget demonstrates O’Neill-Dion Government decisiveness to move the Government Debt to GDP ratio onto a sustainable path while supporting development over the medium term.’

“Now the former Minister has discredited his own statement to Parliament.
“Did the former Treasurer mislead the Parliament in his 2017 Budget speech, or is he just playing politics now? He needs to answer this question to the people of the nation.
“The credibility of the former Treasurer is being brought into question with his backflips on policies and advice that he backed over five years in Government and three years as Treasurer.
“The people of the nation accept that Leaders can change the views over time, but not backflip the moment they are removed from office.
“Calmer heads can prevail in the NA party, these policy backflips are hurting their credibility.”

George Bopi Appointed as Acting Secretary for PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations

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The National Executive Council has appointed Mr. George Bopi, as the Acting Secretary for the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.
In making the announcement, the Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, said Mr. Bopi’s central task will be to restore leadership, discipline and direction in the department.
“The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations has been criticised for mismanaging work permits, with related allegations of nepotism, lack of accountability and control in departmental functions,” the Prime Minister said.
“There are ongoing concerns from the business community of foreign workers entering the labour market without proper scrutiny, as well as illegal foreign workers in the country.
“The department has six key programs and seven statutory offices, each with its own incomes streams through levies and fees. The operation and function of these programs and agencies will be reviewed and accountability restored.
“As our economy grows, and foreign investment in Papua New Guinea increases, we must ensure that the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations functions to a higher and more transparent level.”
George Bopi is the former Chief of Staff to the office of the Prime Minister, and has 12 years of both private and public sector Human Resources Management.
Mr. Bopi is a former PNG University of Technology academic and a private businessman.
Mr. Bopi holds a Master Degree in Human Resources Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Monash University in Australia, and a Bachelor of Education degree from University of Papua New Guinea.
The National Executive Council (NEC) suspended the Secretary for the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, Mrs. Mary Morola, following claims relating to alleged contravention of Section 29 (3) (a) of the Public Services (management) (Employment of Department Heads) Regulation No. 7 of 2014 and her contract of employment.

Police Officers charged with Kimbe killing

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Four police officers in Kimber, West New Britain have been arrested and detained at the Lakiemata Jail, for the death of a young man at the Sarakolok Settlement earlier this month.
Among the four suspects is a female probationary constable.

The four officers were charged with the wilful murder of a Clive Nick Sitban.
West New Britain Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, Jim Namora told NBC News that a criminal investigation team from Port Moresby carried out internal investigations and found sufficient evidence to prove that the four accused had operated unlawfully resulting in the death of Sitban.
Superintendent, Namora says there is one law for everyone and no special treatment will be accorded to any member of police force who is found to deliberately act outside the rule of police discipline and criminal law.
The four officers have been refused bail and asked to find their own lawyer to represent them in court.
PPC Namora says the situation remains tense between Kimbe Police and the Sarakolok community, and community leaders are doing all they can to contain it.
NBC News/PNG Today

PNG Opposition questions Morola's suspension

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The Opposition says, the suspension of the secretary for the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, Mary Morola does not seem right.

In a statement, Opposition Leader, Don Polye, says the suspension is not proper when the country is into the fourth week of election campaigning.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill had said the National Executive Council suspension Ms Morola because there are too many foreigners coming into the country who could not speak English.
But Mr Polye condemned what he's described as a politically-orchestrated move to push Ms Morola out of office to make way for "another political staff" to take charge of the affairs of the department.
NBC News

UPNG Vice Chancellor resigns

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The University of Papua New Guinea  vice-chancellor, Professor Albert Mellam has resigned from active duties as of  this afternoon.

The  University council clarified that the university played no part in prompting his resignation rather, Mellam resigned at his own accord and the University accepts his decision.

Professor Mellam entered UPNG at the age of 17 as a student. And now, after serving the university for 29 years as an academia and an administrator at management level, Professor Mellam is drawing the curtain to his public service career.

The University Council highly commended Mellam for his efforts in restructuring the operations of the institution and restoring its financial landscape, all with the ultimate aim of providing premium education for the young elites of the country.

A caretaker Vice Chancellor is yet to be announced by the University Council before a permanent appointment is made.

Moody’s Rating Agency confirms the strong economic management of the PNC led government

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As one of the world’s big three credit rating agencies their decision to maintain Papua New Guinea’s B2 rating says many positive things about the PNC’s economic management. The maintenance of a stable credit rating is another example of the success of the Government’s economic strategy, and exposes the lies and misinformation peddled by doom and gloom merchants in the Opposition.
“Through the 2015 and 2016 Supplementary Budgets, the Government undertook fiscal consolidation by reducing unproductive expenditure and implementing revenue-raising measures. The IMF 2016 Article IV commended the Government for undertaking a prudent and measured approach to fiscal policy given this external adverse shock.” Said the Prime Minister.
“As we see improvements in our economic position, now is not the time to relax, and we must continue with reforms. In the next Parliament, we will consolidate reforms to restore a more sustainable fiscal position by addressing some of the pressing issues around revenue generation, public expenditure and debt sustainability.”
The People’s National Congress will continue to work in the realm of facts when discussing our economy. The opposition have not offered any policy alternatives, and they have clearly demonstrated that they do not understand the fundamentals of managing Papua New Guinea’s economy. The PNC will STAY STRONG and continue with the good work we have started in managing our economic future.

PNG Hunters, Townsville Blackhawks to play for Air Niugini Cup

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The SP Hunters will take on Townsville     Blackhawks in round 12 of the Intrust Super Cup competition at the National Football Stadium for the inaugural Air Niugini Cup.
To commemorate the recently launched direct flights between Port Moresby and Townsville, Air Niugini has put up the perpetual Air Niugini Cup to be played for this weekend between the two teams.

Air Niugini CEO Simon Foo said the Cup will be played for on an annual basis, and will encourage country folk living in and around Townsville, supporters of Blackhawks as well the business and corporate community.

He said this year Air Niugini’s Cup will pay tribute to the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Kokoda. He further stated that the game this weekend will pay tribute to notable and observances causes, so the Air Niugini Cup played between these two teams will be special.
PNG Rugby Football League CEO Reatau Rau said he was grateful for Air Niugini’s continuous support to the SP Hunters as well as rugby league throughout the country.
Mr Rau said the curtain raiser game this Sunday will see Digicel Cup teams Hela Wigmen and Rabaul Gurias go head to head and has thanked Air Niugini for the special discount fares for supporters of both teams to travel to Port Moresby to watch the game.

He stated that this is in addition to the support given for the Port Moresby-Townsville return fares and they really appreciate and grateful for the support Air Niugini is giving. He expressed gratitude to the Chairman and CEO of the QRL for giving their blessing for the Air Niugini Cup.
Sunday game will kick off at 3pm at National Football Stadium. PNGFM/PNG Today

Call to overhaul PNG Health Department

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A call has been issued for a complete overhaul of country's Health Department, over allegations of foul play and their failure to advise the Department and government over the shortage of drugs in the country recently.

Former Health Minister and current NCD Regional Candidate, Jamie Maxtone Graham, said this when outlining his policies in regards to health for NCD and the country as a whole yesterday.
He alleges that the failure by the Secretary and his Technical Evaluation Committee, not to report the short supply of drugs in the country was deliberate, and a move to allow corrupt practices to again make their way into the department.

Mr. Graham in the meantime has also called for a thorough check on all the drugs supplied by Borneo Pacific, because he discovered problems with the type of drugs they were supplying, when he was Health Minister between 2007 to 2012.
"About 2 or 3 months ago all medicine had suddenly run out in all the hospitals and health centres.
In my time we set up reporting and checking systems, auditing systems to make sure that medicine never ran out in our distribution centres.
So this is becoming another issue of corruption again.
And these same people are up to their same old tricks again, they don't report, let it run out so there is panic.

This is a calculated,plan.
So what do the government do? Give us COI, Certificate of Inexperiency to Borneo Pacific.Recently.
They have awarded them another 53 million kina extension.
Now this is bad governance, poor management.
Normally secretary for health should know that medicine will run out in 6months time, so tenders should go out",Mr Maxtone Graham said.
NBC News / PNG Today

James Bond actor Roger Moore dies, age 89, in Switzerland

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Actor Roger Moore, best known for playing British secret agent James Bond in seven movies, has died of cancer aged 89, his family has announced.He appeared in seven Bond films between 1973 and 1985, including Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.

Sir Roger's family confirmed the news on Twitter, saying he had died after "a short but brave battle with cancer".

The statement from his children Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian, read: "Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people.""With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated," they said.

The actor took the character of James Bond in a more humorous direction than his predecessor Sean Connery.

Sir Roger's Bond was calm and suave - a smooth operator who could seemingly get himself out of a tricky situation with ease.

Moore was also known for 1960s TV series The Persuaders and The Saint.

The veteran star, who died in Switzerland, will have a private funeral in Monaco in accordance with his wishes, his children said.

"The love with which he was surrounded in his final days was so great it cannot be quantified in words alone," read the statement.

"Our thoughts must now turn to supporting Kristina [Tholstrup, his wife] at this difficult time."

Sir Roger was also well known for his humanitarian work - he was introduced to Unicef by the late Audrey Hepburn and was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in 1991.

"With the passing of Sir Roger Moore, the world has lost one of its great champions for children - and the entire UNICEF family has lost a great friend," the agency's executive director Anthony Lake said in a statement.The son of a London policeman, Moore once said the upper-crust image he portrayed both on and off the screen was a carefully nurtured cover for his shyness and timidity.

�"I couldn't walk into a restaurant on my own for 20 or 30 years," he once said. "That's not really me. Timid me would rather stay home and have a sandwich."

Moore said he was terrified by the stunts he had to perform as Bond and would steel himself before facing the cameras in sex scenes with a mixture of valium and beer.

After handing over the role of Bond to Timothy Dalton, Moore went into semi-retirement, living a millionaire's life and traveling between his homes in Los Angeles, Switzerland and the south of France.

Moore is survived by his fourth wife, Scandinavian socialite Kristina "Kiki" Tholstrup, whom he married in 2002, and by his three children from an earlier marriage, Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian.  RNZI

PNG PM O'Neill condemns Terror attack in UK

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Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, has expressed deep concern and outrage following multiple deaths and injuries in the British city of Manchester overnight.

Following the terror attack, the Prime Minister said the resources of the international community must be utilised to bring those behind the attack to justice.

“The cowards who would perpetrate such a sickening attack cannot claim to represent any religion or any legitimate cause,” the Prime Minister said.

“Many of the victims were children, with their full lives ahead of them, who have been murdered in such a disgusting and brutal act.

“The people of Papua New Guinea offer our prayers, and our hopes of survival for those injured. “We extend our sincere sympathies and condolences to the families of those who were killed, particularly the families of the young children.

“Papua New Guinea stands with our partners in the international community to strengthen action to deal with and prevent terrorist acts around the world, and to hunt down the people who take part in or sponsor terrorist activities.”

The Prime Minister said the Papua New Guinea Department of Foreign Affairs is working with counterparts in the British Government to confirm that no Papua New Guinean citizens were affected by the attack.

NSW VB Blues Team Announcement for State of Origin season opener

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Sydney Roosters back-rower Boyd Cordner will become the 19th player to captain the NSW Origin side when he leads the VB Blues onto Suncorp Stadium for Game One of the 2017 Holden State of Origin Series (31 May).

Cordner, who has made six Origin appearances for NSW since debuting in 2013, will lead a team boasting a mix of youth and experience announced tonight (22 May) at NSWRL's annual True Blues Dinner at The Star Sydney.

Jarryd Hayne, Mitchell Pearce and Brett Morris return to the Origin arena, while Nathan Peats and Jake Trbojevic are set to make their Origin debuts next Wednesday night.

Additional players Matt Moylan, Jordan McLean and Jack De Belin will join the team in camp at Kingscliff.


1  James Tedesco    Wests Tigers

2  Blake Ferguson Sydney Roosters

3 Josh Dugan -St George Illawarra Dragons

4  Jarryd Hayne-  Gold Coast Titans

5 Brett Morris- Canterbury Bulldogs

6 James Maloney- Cronulla Sharks

7 Mitchell Pearce - Sydney Roosters

8 Aaron Woods-  Wests Tigers

9 Nathan Peats-  Gold Coast Titans

10 Andrew Fifita-  Cronulla Sharks

11 Josh Jackson - Canterbury Bulldogs

12 Boyd Cordner (C) -Sydney Roosters

13 Tyson Frizell- St George Illawarra Dragons


14 David Klemmer - Canterbury Bulldogs

15 Wade Graham -Cronulla Sharks

16 Jake Trbojevic- Manly Sea Eagles

17 Jack Bird- Cronulla Sharks

 18 Matt Moylan -Penrith Panthers

19 Jordan McLean -Melbourne Storm

20 Jack De Belin -St George Illawarra Dragons

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PNG not invited for G7 Meet

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Papua New Guinea has not attended a meet of the G7 Nations hosted by Timor Leste in Dili as it was not invited.
Two officials however who were supposed to attend had Visa issues and were not able to make it.
Secretary General of the G7 plus Secretariat Doctor Hilda Dacosta clarified PNG was not invited because of it’s non serious participation in the group.
Solomon Islands was invited but was absent including the
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat .
The G7 Plus started in 2010 and brings together fragile states mostly developing nations.
The two day conference in Dili is on the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations development goals and focuses on fragile states helping each other.
Presentations were made by various speakers on how member nations can address issues relating to peace stability,growth and climate change and how these nations can help each other prosper.
Timor Leste Prime Minister Dr Rui Mari Araujo is satisfied with the outcome of the conference and will present it's strategic development plans to the United Nations in November this year. NBC/PNG Today

Smoke inside cockpit forces Air Niugini plane to turn back

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An Air Niugini flight, PX 275, from Kavieng in New Ireland was aborted this morning after it experienced smoke in the cockpit.
The aircraft's tyre also burst upon landing back on the tarmac.

The plane was about to take off and there were smoke in the cockpit and cabin but the captain took off then had to turn the plane in the midair and come back and land the plane.
And upon landing the planes, tyres, making a huge noise in the airport area.
According to staff at the airport, this will be the fifth plane grounded in less than two months.
Meantime the damaged plane is now sitting idle on the tarmac blocking off traffic to incoming and outgoing aircrafts.

Meanwhile all flights into Kavieng airport have been suspended as Air Niugini aircraft PX 275 sits idle on the tarmac after it experienced technical faults.
Passengers on the aborted flight have also been left stranded with no advice from Air Niugini. NBC News/ PNG Today

PNG needs maturity in political debates

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Papua New Guinea has entered the third week of the eight-week election campaign before polling commences next month.
Unlike previous elections, this year’s campaign appears not as noisy as in the past.
Social media has played an important role in the campaign so far with political parties buying Facebook pages to launch their awareness messages.

Almost all the 15 political parties in PNG contesting the election now have a paid Facebook Page.
The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) has reportedly disseminated a lot of information about its polices and continues running social media ads.
One of the PNC’s major party platforms is the Free Education policy. As the ruling party, it has implemented and PNG has felt its impact since 2012.

Like any other government policy, the PNC free education policy has its weaknesses. In order to defend this policy, party leader and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said recently he wanted to make the PNC’s free education policy government policy so that future governments will continue implementing it.

‘Politically suicide’
In what looks like a counter attack, its rival Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party (THE) has issued a “politically suicidal” statement by party leader and Opposition Leader Don Polye saying it would scrap free education instead introduce a “compulsory and subsidised education” as it policy.
Polye went on to say that this policy would be a national policy if THE formed the next government, making it illegal for parents not to send children to school.
Firstly, THE party’s policy would make school compulsory, and secondly parents would need to pay from elementary to grade 12, but not at technical colleges and universities.
THE party wants government to take full responsibility to pay for develop the skills of those in tertiary institutions.
This policy sparked a response from Prime Minister O’Neill condemning the Opposition for developing “reckless policies” that could only set the country back, reverse development and undermine economic growth.
“This is the most reckless Opposition campaign to be seen in elections for a long time,” O’Neill said.
“These Opposition policies would hurt families, would see people miss out on education and have funding decisions taken away from the local level and returned to Waigani bureaucrats.
“How could anyone think that ending free education could be a good thing?
“Under our government, it does not matter if a family is rich or poor, urban or rural, we will make sure all of their children are able to attend school,” O’Neill said.

Some implications
Let us look at some of the implications of THE Party and PNC on their education polices, leaving aside other issues for a while.
Under PNC’s policy, there would be more children going to school because it is free to attend school from elementary to high school and perhaps colleges (some colleges are still paying fees this year at some colleges).
This will see an increase in the grades 8, 10 and 12 dropouts. These dropouts will add to the number of unemployed youths and unskilled laborers. After 10-20 years, there will be an increase in the number of school leavers compared with today.
This is a situation whereby students from well-off families may enroll further in private schools or take further studies abroad but this number is always a minority. PNC’s free education policy creates issues in the long-term but it may look good in a short-term.
THE party’s policy on education will put pressure on poor parents to firstly send their children to school or they be jailed for not sending and to pay their fees in full.
This is a harsh policy by THE party whereby parents would need more counselling on family planning as any child born must be educated by law and they have to meet the cost up to grade 12.
It is tough for parents but in the long-term it will benefit the country largely. Firstly, by concentrating on paying fees for higher education and colleges will ease parents of their financial burden.

Literate population

Secondly, compulsory education would produce a literate population and that is good for a developing country. Today, many young people are not going to school and are roaming the streets — even if it is free to go to school.
But when there is a law to force students to attend school, there will be no children on the street begging as we see today in cities like Port Moresby, Lae and Mount Hagen.
The PNC and THE party’s policies on education have both negative and positive implications.
The term or the phrase “free education policy” is in fact not proper because nothing is free, it would be better to say subsidised fees than to say free education.
Nothing is really free. It is not free to get educated, rather the government is using people’s tax money to subsidise the cost of education.
This confused phrase of free education is a brainchild of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) which led two governments under Paias Wingti and Sir Mekere Mourata as Prime Ministers who implemented this policy.
The policy was fully implemented during Sir Mekere’s term as Prime Minister in 2000.
Before the Bougainville crisis
Before the Bougainville civil war, tertiary education at the universities and colleges was fully subsided (students were also given monthly allowances) when Panguna mine was in operation.
But after the Bougainville conflict there was a new “user pay” policy so all the benefits of allowances and fully subsidised fees for tertiary studies were withdrawn and students had to pay for university and college education.
This means that Don Polye’s education policy will bring back the glory days prior to the Bougainville conflict when PNG enjoyed a fully subsided education at the tertiary level.
All in all, Peter O’Neill’s education policy is short-lived and may put pressure on the government budget to continue funding as the population increases each year. It’s another fashion of PDM’s Free Education political gimmick that pops up as a mushroom and dies tomorrow. There is no real tangible impact it will bring to PNG.
Don Polye’s policy may look tough from the start but it is not a new policy in PNG to fully subsidise education at the tertiary studies. The new thing will be compulsory for every child in PNG to attend school.
For a country like PNG, we need a good policy on education and Don Polye’s policy will save Papua New Guinea for the years to come.
Peter O’Neill’s short-lived policy might mean Papua New Guinea would face social and unemployment problems and economic problems as the population increases. Again, it will be a repeat of PDM in PNC.
Don Polye’s policy will also have an impact to control the population and I think this is a very good proposal for PNG.
It is my personal guess that Polye’s policy is what PNG needs and it speaks of more maturity than O’Neill’s, which lacks sustainability.
You decide which policy you need at the polls.


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