Air Niugini Graduate Management program

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Fourteen airline cadets including seven females have successfully joined Air Niugini last month under the Airline Management Graduate Scheme and are now attached with ANG Operations Division.
They are graduates in various fields of studies from different universities throughout the country who were selected after a vigorous recruitment process.
Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo said it is part of the airline’s vision to provide the best air services in the region, hence recruiting young graduates with a lot of potential is a step in the right direction.
“Air Niugini is committed to transformation and excellence and we are happy to be able to recruit individuals who possess the potential and attributes to thrive in a challenging operational and customer orientated environment.” Foo said.
In line with objectives of Air Niugini’s national graduate management program and following their recruitment, the fourteen successful candidates have now been inducted to ANG’s Operations Division where they have completed an intensive induction program and are now proceeding with on the job training.
Mr Foo said “ This training will continue for some years with stead personal development skills coordination that will ultimately present a team of highly motivated and capable persons directly contributing to Air Niugini’s vision.”
Several hundred candidates applied and after a rigorous selection process, only fourteen were selected.

Doubts over Tonga hosting the Pacific Games in 2019

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Concerns have been raised about Tonga hosting the Pacific Games in 2019.

This was raised at a meeting in the village of Houma attended by Tongatapu Constituency 6 People’s Representative and Minister of Public Enterprise, Poasi Tei.

At the meeting, Viliami Halatoa of Houma said Tonga was not ready to host the 2019 Pacific Games.

In response, the Minister said Government supports the hosting of the Games and has set aside TOP$1 million to the Ministry of Sports to establish a sports academy in preparation for the Games in four years’ time.

At the same time, development and donors have indicated support to prepare the island kingdom to host the next regional sporting event.

Papua New Guinea's Governor General Sir Michael Ogio, at the closing of the Pacific Games in PNG, pledged to help Tonga in 2019.

“We wish Tonga good luck for 2019. Your brothers and sisters from PNG will help you, said Sir Michael.

Papua New Guinea hosted the Pacific Games in Port Moresby last month.

Schools in Vanuatu close in honor of late Natapei

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Most schools in Port Vila have closed their doors on Friday in honour of the late Opposition Leader, Edward Natapei.

Students of Malapoa College attended the State Funeral and the funeral service at Paton Memorial Church (PMC).

Some students from Child Care stood along the sidewalk at PMC with a banner which read, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR LEGACY”.

Although it (Friday) was not declared a public holiday, many people dedicated their working hours to pay their last respect and tribute to late Natapei.

Late Natapei was the longest serving Member of Parliament.

He was described by everyone who knew him as a “humble leader”.

Many agreed that his presence will be greatly missed by Vanuatu.
Vanuatu Daily Post

Port Moresby housing project all set to commence

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Port Moresby housing project all set to commence. Photo: Downtown Port Morsby . Credit: Governor Parkop
Minister of National Planning Charles Abel last week presented a cheque of K5 million to NCDC to commence major civil works on the planned housing and land program at Gerehu in Port Moresby.
The cheque of K5 million presented to NCDC is for initial capital for engineering and road works.
Gerehu 3B is the pilot project under the affordable Land and Housing Program, the O’Neil /Dion Government has embarked on as an ambitious program to make available 40,000 fully serviced land allotments over the next five years, facilitated by the office of Urbanisation.
The program, coordinated by Department of National Planning under the office of urbanisation will be rolled out in partnership with the Department of Lands and Physical planning, National Housing Corporation, National Research Institute, magisterial services and the civil registry.
Two Pilot models are currently being implemented under this program; Gerehu 3B and Durhan Farm. Both models are expected to make available 5700 serviced allotments which equates to 14.25 per cent of the national target.
To date the Government has expanded K11 million towards Durhan Farm through the NHC and K3 million on Gerehu 3B.
Out of the K3 million expanded on the Gerehu project, PNG Power and Eda Ranu have each received K1million respectively and another given to National Surveyor General to survey 1734 allotments for the titles to be issued.
Already 269 public servants, from 31 government departments and agencies participating have been prequalified by BSP for up to K58 million worth of loans to be released under the first home ownership scheme.
The Government has made available K200 million to BSP for an affordable 40 year repayment loans for citizens.
Through this program, the Government has also provided K1 million directly to each district administration, under the district institutional housing where Members and Governors are to reciprocate another K1 million, half a million each from the DSIP and PSIP funds, to build 10 houses per district which equates to 890 houses across the country.

PNG plans Rethink of Development Support Delivery – Enough of Aid Industry Middlemen

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The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea,Peter O’Neill  has called for a rethink in the way development support is delivered in the Asia-Pacific.
Prime Minister  Peter O’Neill said there has to be a better deal for the taxpayers of contributing countries like Australia, while recipient countries want to ensure support develops real capacity and skills, and is only ever seen as temporary.
The Prime Minister said one of the biggest obstacles to effective development support were middlemen who take commissions on aid expenditure. “Development assistance has become a billion dollar ‘industry’ where so much of the goodwill ends up in the pockets of middlemen and expensive consultants,” Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said.
“As a developing country we don’t want handouts, we don’t want Australian taxpayer money wasted and we don’t want boomerang aid.
“There is a better way to work with our partners and we will develop better arrangements. “I wonder if the people of Australia realise how much of the money they give to help Papua New Guinea and other countries is actually paid to middlemen and lawyers.
“Papua New Guinea is changing, we are growing and as a nation of 8 million people we want to move beyond hand-outs and work with our partners to strengthen capacity.”
The Prime Minster said in Papua New Guinea there will be a review of support arrangements that will save money for contributing countries and deliver capacity and skills in recipient countries.
“In 2016 Papua New Guinea will move to a model where our partners will be welcome to fund positions within our Government.
“These staff can then work and report through the Papua New Guinea Government system and we will deliver their salaries through arrangements with the donor countries.
“That will be an effective way to strengthen our Government systems from within so that after a period of time this development assistance will no longer be needed.
“The current support delivery sees foreigners occupying positions where they are actually doing the work that should be done by Papua New Guineans.
“Then when they end their contracts they do not leave behind capacity or skills.
“This is not good for Papua New Guinea or the donor country.
“We need to move to a point that we do not need to take a single dollar from our friends in Australia and other partners as our country develops.
“Then Papua New Guinea can further expand our development support program that we provide to other countries in the Pacific following the same principle.”
The Prime Minister said as part of the review, the current policing partnership with Australia will be reviewed to make it more effective for both countries.
“We have had a policing partnership program in place for a couple of years now and I think all parties agree, the benefits are limited due to restrictions placed on the Australian police.
“We have Australian police officers who are committed to strengthening law enforcement in our country, but they are frustrated by the bureaucracy that means they cannot do hands-on policing.
“I cannot imagine being a police officer who is told that if they see a crime being committed he or she has to stand back and watch.
“We would like to recruit foreign police into line positions within the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary so they can lead by example to pass on their knowledge and skills.”
The Prime Minister said Defence Co-operation is separate from general development support as this is part of facilitating the regional military interoperability of national forces.
“We have a vary good defence co-operation program that sees our military working with Australia, the United States and other countries to improve our joint capacity.
“The Australian Defence Force is working closely with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force to ensure we can deploy our forces to work together.
“This integrated operational capacity includes preparations for events such as the Pacific Islands Forum and APEC, as well as border management and disaster response deployments.
“As we move towards the APEC Leaders’ Summit this co-operation will continue to improve and the only change I see in this relationship is increased engagement.”
The Prime Minister said changes in development support policy will deliver better outcomes for all countries involved.

Lack of of funding to the National Development Bank

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The Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sector will be affected if the government does not give funding to the National Development Bank (NDB) soon to cater for loans.
That’s the blunt message from the NDB Managing Director, Mr. Moses Liu in a press conference today when highlighting that a total of K53million worth of loan is pending awaiting funds from the government to pay for over 500 customers in the SME sector who have applied for them.
“The current situation has been made worse by the fact that the government has not provided funds to NDB to lend to fully implement its SME Stimulus Package, which was launched at the end of 2012,” Mr Liu said.
On the first of January 2013 NDB reduced its lending interest rate to 6.5% to implement the government’s SME Stimulus Package to empower the growth of the local SME sector.
“The undertaking from the government is that it will provide K100million per year to support NDB to fund at this low rate; however, so far since 2013 to 2015 the bank received only K140million out of that K300million that it was supposed to provide to support this program.”
“Therefore, the government has unfortunately under funded NDB with K160million to date,” he said.
Meantime, it is now August and the government has not yet released the K50million to the Bank as appropriated in the 2015 National Budget.
“If the government does not provide adequate funding to implement the SME package then the Board and Management of NDB will be forced to review the lending interest rate in a view to revert back to the previous lending interest rate to sustain the operation of the Bank.”
The previous interest rates ranged from 10% up to 23% depending on the type of loan and security available.
In addition to this, projects like the, the SME loan, Stret Pasin Incubation Program and the full roll out of the People’s Mircobank Ltd operation will also be affected in the long run if funding is not released to the Bank.
“Therefore, I call upon the government through the Department of National Planning and Treasury, to immediately release the K50million appropriated in the 2015 budget to NDB to roll out these important projects to grow the SME sector,” Liu said.  Source: PNGFM

Brown Kapi passes on

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The President of the Disability Association and founder of the PNG Rehabilitation Centre, Mr Brown Kapi has passed away at 4am this morning at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Mr Kapi was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday but died this morning due to Kidney failure.

Funeral arrangements are underway with the Hauskrai already put up at the PNG Rehabilitation Centre premises in Hohola.

Mr Kapi was a very strong advocate for people with disability and also was key figure in formulating the current Disability Policy which was launched at the Parliament House State Function Room by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. Photo credit: Asopa


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