Protesting University of Goroka students shot at by Police

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Two University of Goroka students have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds.
One of them is the Students Representative Council President, Chris Ambai.
This followed a protest march by the students into Goroka town at about 11 o'clock this morning.
Police say the march was illegal in that approval was not given and tried to stop the students when stones were thrown at police who then fired shots to disperse the crowd.
According to reports from Goroka  Ambai and another student were seriously injured and will remain under observation at the Goroka Base Hospital.
Several other students were treated and discharged. The rest of the student body are back in campus.
Police say five student leaders have been locked up and whether they are charged or not will depend on a meeting between police and the university administration.
Police say the students issues are to do with the university administration and should be dealt with on campus, not on the streets.
The students have been boycotting classes for several weeks in protest over the termination of seven students who had spearheaded an earlier boycott this year.
They also want UOG Vice Chancellor Dr. Gairo Onagi sacked over allegations of maladministration.

PNG Hunters Team announced for Round 25 match against Burleigh Bears

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SP Hunters coach Michael Marum has named his best possible side available against Burleigh Bears in their Round 25 Intrust Super Cup match this Sunday in Port Moresby.

This is the final season proper match before the finals series, which the PNG side will not be involved in until the second week.

The Hunters are guaranteed a top two spot despite the outcome of this Sunday’s game and will take the first week off when the finals series start on September 5.

Halfback Ase Boas rested during last week’s 28-all draw against Mackay Cutters returns to the side to resume his combination with captain and five-eighth Israel Eliab. Also back in the side is second rower Brandy Peter, who has been out injured.

Tickets will start going on sale on Friday at all Stop-N-Shop outlets in Port Moresby for the match that kicks off at 2.30pm.

There will be some adjustments made to match day entry at the Sir John Guise Stadium with access points restricted to just ticket holders. Outer stand ticket holders will gain access from the Port Moresby In-service College with eight queues instead of two used in the August 16 game against Wynnum Manly Seagulls.

All main grandstand ticket holders will gain entry from the entrance from the Vision City area. The public is being advised to buy tickets from Stop-N-Shop outlets only to avoid counterfeit tickets sold on the streets as scanning devices used have been upgraded for this game.

The gates will open at 11am and the public is being advised to get to Sir John Guise Stadium early instead of arriving just as the kick-off gets underway. There will be some activities organised as entertainment prior to the ISC game.

The full SP Hunters team is:

1. Stargroth Amean
2. Bland Abavu
3. Noel Zeming
4. Thompson Teteh
5. Adex Wera
6. Israel Eliab ©
7. Ase Boas
8. Henry Noki
9. Wartovo Puara
10. Esau Siune
11. Brandy Peter
12. Kato Ottio
13. Timothy Lomai.

14. Warren Glare

15. Atte Bina

16. Willie Minoga

17. David Lapua

18. Roger Laka

(One to be omitted).

Coach: Michael Marum

For further details please contact: Martin Liri on lirimartin2014@gmail.com or 72198547.

Oil Search announces US$ 200 million in profit

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Oil Search Limited has declared after-tax net profit of more than 200 million US Dollars or K646 million for the first half of this year.
It says this is 49 per cent higher than in the first half of 2014.
Oil Search says it is the highest half-year profit in the company's history, despite weaker oil and gas prices.
This year's half year profit of US$227.5m or K646m including its increased total revenue of US$863.8m have been driven by higher LNG and gas revenue.
Oil Search says these gains or increase also reflects a full period of production and sales from the PNG LNG Project.
Meanwhile, the Board of Directors of Oil Search has announced to distribute the dividend between 35 per cent and 50 per cent of core profit.
The current dividend payment is September 8, 2015 with the actual payment date set to September 29 this year.
There's been 119 shipments of LNG cargo so far.

PNG and India discuss Resource Exports, Education and Healthcare Support, UN Security Council Membership

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The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O’Neill  has thanked the Prime Minister of India for extending support in healthcare and education to Pacific Island nations, and offered Papua New Guinea’s support to India for proposed reform of the United Nations Security Council that would include India as a permanent member.
The Prime Minister made the comments following a substantial bilateral meeting with his counterpart, the Prime Minister of India, Hon. Mahendra Modi, on the margins of the Forum for India-Pacific Cooperation meeting that was held in India on August 19-21.
Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said outcomes from meeting of the Prime Ministers of India and Papua New Guinea will lead to positive developments in important sectors of the economy.
“It has been a long time since a Prime Minister of both countries have sat down and had talks about enhancing the relationship between the two countries,” Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said.
“The Prime Minister of India was very cordial and supported the fact that India is going to continue to increase is engagement with the Pacific, and especially with Papua New Guinea, because of our large economy, large population and the potential that Papua New Guinea has to offer.
“India is the fourth largest economy in the world with a big market for Papua New Guinean resources, agriculture and tourism and other sectors.” There are strong economy synergies between the two countries with India requiring resources that Papua New Guinea can offer.
“India is in great need for many for many of the resources that we have particularly oil and gas, and copper and gold. “These are resources that are fuelling the growth of the Indian economy and Papua New Guinea has not been exporting many of these products to India for a long time as many of our customers are from elsewhere.
“Prime Minister Modi has expressed his interest to engage in resources trade and also encourage Indian investment to come into Papua New Guinea to invest in agriculture, in nonrenewable energy and in infrastructure.
“The Indian Government will agree to provide funding of those infrastructure projects through EXIM Bank of India at very favourable rates to the Papua New Guinea Government.
On the other side of the relationship, India is able to provide professional capacity building in Papua New Guinea in areas such as education and healthcare. “Papua New Guinea expressed its appreciation for many of the Indian professionals that have been sent to Papua New Guinea to work, particularly in health and education.
“Our ongoing relationship, and co-operation between the defence forces and many of our officers who come here for defence force training colleges in India, has been beneficial. “We agreed to increase the number of these personnel and that India will help us build our capacity within the public service machinery, particularly in naval bases and naval forces.” As well as an increase in the number of Indian professionals coming to Papua New Guinea, the Prime Minister said there will also be an increase in the number of Papua New Guineans studying in India.
“Prime Minister Modi has stated that they are willing to increase the number of spaces that are available for Papua New Guinean students in India and we are going to formalise that very soon. 
“These are in both medical and other fields and India is very happy to support us particularly in specialised areas of medical training.”
Finally, Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said that Papua New Guinea will support India’s desire to have a stronger voice at the United Nations.
“Papua New Guinea has agreed to support India’s bid for permanent United Nations Security Council membership.
“It is important that a developing country, which has the second largest population in the region of 1.2 billion Indians, representing one-sixth of the world’s population to be included in United Nations Security Council as a permanent member.
“Papua New Guinea and many of the other Pacific Island leaders agreed to express their support.” Attending the meeting with the Prime Minister was Hon. William Duma, Governor Sasindran Muthuvel, Hon. Richard Maru, Hon. Byron Chan.

Queensland police seize record 70 kg of cocaine

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The seizure of about 70 kilograms of cocaine in Queensland is the largest haul of the drug in the state's history, police say.

Five people were arrested on Monday night by a multi-agency operation which had been tracking the alleged international drug cartel in recent weeks.

It's alleged an Estonian skipper departed Vanuatu aboard the cocaine-packed vessel on August 15 en route to Queensland.

Police say he docked nine days later in Coomera on the Gold Coast and met with a 58-year-old UK national, before the pair bought tools and cracked open the concealed drug haul.

They then allegedly met with three Australian men in the Dreamworld car park where police busted them with 40 kilograms of cocaine.

A further 30 kilograms was later found concealed in the yacht's cavities.

The UK and Estonian men are now facing drug importation charges and the three Australians possession of a commercial quantity of an unlawfully imported border controlled drug.

“I believe it is the largest cocaine seizure we've had in Queensland,” Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said.

He said the cocaine was likely intended for a high-end clientele, given its purity level of more than 80 per cent.

The drugs have an estimated street value of more than $17 million (US$12 million), he said.

AFP Manager Organised Crime Commander David Stewart said the bust would be a 'huge setback' for the international syndicate and likely curb the supply of cocaine throughout the east coast of Australia.

“Organised crime is actually a global enterprise,” he said.

The five men were remanded in custody after appearing in Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

Investigations are ongoing.
Source:  PACNEWS

Lavulavu's motion disturbs Tongan Parliament

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There was an uproar in the Tongan Parliament when, in a bid to avoid impeachment, ‘Etuate Lavulavu presented a motion for parliament to replace members of its Standing Committee on Privileges with new members of his own selection.

The committee is currently carrying out an investigation into a motion that was presented to the House for the impeachment of Lavulavu, Minister of Infrastructure and Tourism, for alleged nepotism, and misuse and mismanagement of government’s properties.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Privileges, Lord Fusitu’a told the House that since 19 August, when the House agreed to give the minister a chance to have a dialogue with the committee, they had not been able to meet him.

He said that they had given Lavulavu the final opportunity to come and meet them Monday, before they proceeded to submit their findings to the House but he had not appeared.

However, Lavulavu tabled a motion to the House to dismantle the Comnmittee, and replace members with members of his selection – to make decision if there is a case for the House to impeach him or not.

Lavulavu’s proposed Standing Committee members were: Lord Vaea, Lord Tu’iha’ateiho, Tevita Lavemaau, ohiva Tu’i’onetoa, ‘Epenisa Fifita and Vili Manuopangai Hingano.

Lord Fusitu’a expressed outrage that the minister wanted to select a committee to decide on his own impeachment.

There was  a bit of a commotion as the House was disturbed by the intent of the Motion.

The upheaval in parliament calmed down after the Prime Minister, Akilisi Pohiva asked the minister to withdraw his motion.

Lavulavu agreed and withdrew his motion, the second motion to be presented to parliament this year.

The first motion, also by Lavulavu, was for Parliament to buy three tractors for Vava’u but that motion was also withdrawn for cabinet to work on.
Source:  PACNEWS

Pacific region buffered from falling Chinese markets

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An economist specialising in Pacific island countries says the region is reasonably buffered from falling markets in China.

Emma Veve of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) says commodity exporters like Papua New Guinea will feel the effects of lower prices for their products and preparations must be made for this.

Veve says there will be a slow down in the number of outbound tourists from China but the market is so huge countries dependent on the China trade like Fiji and Palau will barely feel the shock.

She says the devaluation of the yuan eases the way for countries heavily reliant on imported fuel and concessionary Chinese loans.

“The benefit for the countries will be with the devaluation of the exchange rate. These loans will be more affordable for the Pacific countries. If the economic adjustments continue in China, China might think about whether to progress with more loans to the Pacific but the Pacific is very small compared to the Chinese economy. It wouldn't be a priority for government.”

Veve says China is unlikely to risk goodwill for minimum gain by backing off pledges to the region like tarriff fee access for goods.


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