PNG Opposition Putting Political Interests Ahead of the Good of the Nation, says Telefomin MP Mirisim

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Telefomin MP Mirisim
Several opposition politicians have demonstrated that they are more interested in power and promoting themselves ahead of the good of the nation.
I have watched with disgust as Sam Basil and his cohort have talked nonsense about changing the Government when they know the people of this nation and our Parliament have no intention of such nonsense.
All the opposition will achieve is to mislead people in communities around our country and concern investors who might not be fully informed.
We have political stability in this nation like never seen before and the members of Government are proud of what they have achieved being part of this Government.
Sam Basil’s attempts to cause trouble have nothing to do with policy debate, but are about his own personal delusions and grabs for power.
He should shift his debate to policy, but there is nothing he can say because this Government stands on its record.
The people of our great country had never before seen the growth and development in our country before the O’Neill/Dion Government came to Office.
When they look around their communities, our people see more children in school than ever before.
Parents have more money in their pockets because parents do not have to pay school fees, as this is now done by their Government.
In years to come we will have a much better educated country where people can have better paying jobs.
We are also expanding universal healthcare throughout our country. 
By the Government standing up and saying we will pay for healthcare, less people are sick and more people are alive.
We have a healthier country because of the O’Neill/Dion Government.
Our Government has invested more in police, the judiciary and corrective services than any other Government.
For ten years there were no police recruits at the Bomana Police College. We have opened the college and now police are graduating and serving our communities.
Our communities are safer under the O’Neill/Dion Government.
We have also invested more in infrastructure than any government in the past. We have built roads, ports and wharves to carry people to hospitals, schools and markets. 
Around the country we are building new teacher training colleges so that we can have more teaches for our children, and we are building more healthcare centres for our people.
Under this Government the world is watching Papua New Guinea and seeing us as a growing nation that has an important role to play in the global community.
So I call on the Sam Basil and his cohort to stop misleading the nation and start to represent his people by engaging in policy debate and discussion.

National Football Stadium ready to support FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup

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Oil Search today confirmed that it was working with the PNG Football Association President David Chung to finalise arrangements for the National Football Stadium (NFS) to support the FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup to be played in PNG in November 2016.

Construction of the NFS, formerly known as Lloyd Robson Oval, is nearing completion and the ground will be fully operational in February 2016, in time for next year’s rugby league pre-season competition which begins in March.

The National Football Stadium is being completed to world class standards that will meet FIFA requirements to host the Under-20 Women’s World Cup.

A FIFA delegation visited the venue recently and was impressed with the design and quality of the facility. They have advised a list of requirements to meet all their standards and these have been incorporated into the stadium construction and design.

The NFS has been constructed to comply with National Rugby League guidelines and governing codes that allow NRL games to be played at the stadium.

Facilities meet all modern player requirements, with state-of-the-art indoor warm up and recovery areas, gym facilities, change rooms for home and away teams, secondary change rooms for curtain raiser matches, referees rooms, ball boys change rooms, drug testing rooms and match day medical rooms.

The field of play lighting is world-class, meeting international broadcast standards, together with a first class playing field that meets NRL quality and size specifications. There is also an adjacent training and warm up field.

Facilities for spectators are also excellent, with enclosed corporate suites, an enclosed corporate lounge, with reserved premium seating, bar and meals facility, coupled with an open air bar to accommodate up to 600 people.

There is also a structured individual seating plan to facilitate better crowd control.

A large area for the development of a club facility has been made available in the main grandstand and will represent a focus for future commercial and entertainment opportunities.

The design of the stadium presently allows for seating of up to 15,000 spectators, taking designs from the successful developments at the Gold Coast Cbus stadium and AMI stadium in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Apart from the FIFA delegation, officials from the NRL and Phil Gould, from the Penrith Panthers have also visited the facility – all of whom have been impressed with the design of the facility, in particular, the extent of the players’ amenities.

The National Football Stadium will also work with our local sporting administrators to bring world class sporting events to PNG, building from the success of the Pacific Games.

Peter Botten, CBE, BSc, ARSM

Chairman, Lloyd Robson Oval Trustee Limited

Managing Director, Oil Search Limited

Police Commisioner Gari Baki aggrieved over stay order

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Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner Gari Baki has expressed disappointment at the National Court's decision stopping his decision to dismiss senior fraud investigator Timothy Gitua and senior officer Thomas Eluh.
Mr. Baki terminated the pair last week on disciplinary matters - Mr. Gitua for discharging a firearm in a nightclub and Mr. Eluh for insubordination.
Commissioner Baki described the decision as a first, and unheard of in his 41 year career where a Police Commissioner's decision to dismiss a member of the Constabulary has been stayed by the courts.
He says, whilst he respects the court decision, it's equally important to note that the Police Act is clear in such situations, that the aggrieved member may seek a review of the decision in court.
Mr. Baki, says Section 27 of the Police Force Act 1998, stipulates that the Commissioner's decision in respect to the finding of guilt and penalty for serious disciplinary charges is final.
The Police Commissioner, says he will be seeking legal advise on the stay order.
Meantime, a PNG court has ruled that two Australian lawyers can return to the country and continue their work for the anti-corruption body Task Force Sweep.
Gregory Egan and Terry Lambert have been barred from returning to the country, despite being licensed to practice in PNG.
The two lawyers are assisting Task Force Sweep in a corruption case involving the Prime Minister.

PNG awarded co-hosting rights for 2017 Rugby League World

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Papua New Guinea is celebrating being awarded co-hosting rights for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup with Australia and New Zealand.
In a first for the rugby league-mad nation, PNG will host three pool matches in Port Moresby after the country's government poured $1.4 billion into establishing state-of-the-art facilities, including three brand new stadiums.
"Our aim is to make this Rugby League World Cup the most accessible and fan-friendly ever," said RLWC local organising committee chief Michael Brown in Sydney today.

SBS News

Iran lobbied for Russian campaign in Syria , officials sa

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Iran played an integral role leading up to Russia's move to launch its air campaign in Syria and play a stronger role in Iraq, with one of Tehran's most powerful generals meeting for three hours with President Vladimir Putin to push for intervention.

The statement was made to the Associated Press by Iraqi government officials. 

Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran's elite Quds Force, went to Moscow in August with the message that Russian airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria were imperative, said the two senior officials, who were later briefed on the meeting. Soleimani and Putin reviewed maps and surveillance photos and shared intelligence, all suggesting the militant group would expand its reach to Russia's doorstep in the Caucuses if Moscow didn't act, the two officials said.

The meeting also covered plans to create a joint intelligence-sharing center between Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia in Baghdad, which began operating later the same month. Soleimani also met with senior Russian military officials during his visit, the officials said. The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the secret meeting,

The Iranian role points to the powerful influence of the country, which is the strongest backer of Syrian President Bashar Assad and is close to the Shiite-led leadership in Iraq's U.S.-backed government. Russia's dive into the Mideast's conflicts marks a shifting of alliances, particularly with Iraq, where officials have grumbled that the U.S.-led coalition's air campaign against IS has not been as effective as they hoped and the prime minister has said he'd welcome Russian airstrikes.

Asked on Wednesday about the reported Putin-Soleimani meeting, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov shrugged it off by saying that there are too many statements from unidentified officials. At the time, Russia's deputy foreign ministry spokesman said he has "no information whatsoever" that Soleimani visited Russia, which would be a violation of U.N. travel sanctions against the general. The Iranian government on Wednesday did not respond to requests for comment on the reported meeting.

Russian military jets launched the airstrike campaign in Syria on Sept. 30, targeting what Moscow said were positions of the Islamic State group and al-Qaida's branch. But it has also heavily hit rebels on the front-line against Syria's military, raising accusations that it is intervening to boost Assad in the civil war, now in its fifth year, after a series of losses by his military. Russia denies this, saying its campaign is solely intended to stop the spread of militants.

The U.S. meanwhile has had to navigate around regional alliances and enmities in trying to roll back IS's spread across large parts of Iraq and Syria. In Syria, Washington refuses to work with Assad's government in the air campaign, saying Assad needs to leave power, and it has been wary of appearing to help Syrian troops with strikes against IS.

In Iraq, the U.S. has been wary of helping to deepen Iran's influence and has avoided coordinating with the Shiite militias, trying instead to boost the Iraqi military, while pressing the Shiite-led government to ease sectarian tensions with the Sunni minority. Washington and Tehran refuse to work with each other directly, even as Iran takes a powerful role in fighting IS.

Soleimani, Tehran's point man in both the Syrian and Iraq conflicts, has been key in organizing Shiite militias in Iraq and Syria, which have had a leading role in fighting IS. Meanwhile, the U.S.-trained Iraqi military crumbled in the face of the IS advances last year and has struggled to gain ground ever since. When IS took the western city of Ramadi in May, a top U.S. general complained that Iraqi forces didn't have the will to fight. U.S. airstrikes have been key in pushing back IS on several fronts in Iraq and Syria, often in coordination with the Iraqi military or Kurdish fighters on the ground.

Last month, Iran granted permission for Russian planes to fly over its territory en route to Syria, Russian news agencies said on Sept. 9. After Bulgaria rejected Moscow's overflight request for Sept. 1-24, a path via Iran and Iraq appeared to be the only one left, as Russia apparently sought to avoid flying over Turkey, which in 2012 grounded a Syria-bound plane carrying radar parts from Moscow.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Russia's airstrikes in Syria in support of the Assad regime were "pouring gasoline on the fire" and called for Moscow to pursue a political solution.

In an interview with France 24 last week, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he would "welcome" military strikes by Russia in his country if Moscow made such a proposal but that hasn't happened yet.

"Our aim is to bring everybody to fight Daesh, not to fight among themselves," he said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group.

He also sharply criticized President Barack Obama, accusing him of a lack of "will" in the fight against IS. He called the U.S. support in the fight "limited" and said he had expected "massive air power."

France24 interview in New York last week where al-Abadi was speaking at the United Nations General Assembly.

Karim al-Nouri, the spokesman for the Popular Mobilization Forces, the paramilitary force in Iraq made up predominantly of Shiite militias, said the Russians are "more serious in eliminating Daesh" than the Americans.

Source: AP

Pacific Island Countries Welcome South Korea's Increased Support for Regional Cooperation

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The 3rd Korea-Pacific Islands Senior Officials’ Meeting on 6 October in Seoul, welcomed the Republic of Korea’s increased support for the ROK-Pacific Islands Forum Cooperation Fund for 2015-2017.

Korea has increased support from US$ 0.5 million to US$ 1 million per year for jointly agreed regional initiatives. Currently the Fund supports the Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Services Project, jointly implemented by SPREP and the APEC Climate Centre for the period 2014 - 2016.

“We appreciate Korea’s assistance for this project and encourage efforts for funding sustainability and additional capacity building,” said Samoan Ambassador to China, Tapusalaia Toomata.

The new funding phase (2015-2017) will address marine and fisheries issues, which were identified as an important priority at the recent 46th Pacific Island Forum Meeting in Port Moresby. In particular, Korea will work with the region to contribute to addressing the issues of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing as well as marine pollution control through monitoring, control and surveillance using remote sensing technologies.

“Monitoring of IUU fishing is particularly important in the high seas,” said Honourable Fisa Pihigia, Member of Parliament from Niue. This sentiment was echoed by other Pacific island country officials.

The new project will be implemented by the Forum Fisheries Agency as lead technical agency, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and in partnership with the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology.

The Korea-Pacific Islands Forum Cooperation Fund, established in 2008, is an initiative between the Forum Secretariat and the Government of Korea to support regional capacity building oriented projects and programmes, to be implemented through cooperation and collaboration between technical agencies from the Pacific region and the Republic of Korea.


Vanuatu's Boe Lionel Worawora wins World Amateur Boxing Championship

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Vanuatu’s number 1 bantamweight champion, Boe Lionel Warawara, is reported to have made it to the second leg of the preliminary stage after knocking out Turkmenistan’s Meredov Yakub in the third round of the World Amateur Boxing Championship in Doha.

This news was announced by the Vanuatu Boxing Association (VABA) minutes after the very powerful Turkmenistan was beaten  and ruled out of the match by the referee.

VABA officials confirmed that in their three round bouts, the TKM bantamweight champion and the Vanuatu kid shared the two first rounds but in the third round, Lionel stopped Meredov by technical knockout.

Lionel will now take on Qatar’s Erseker Hakan in the second preliminary bout No. 97 – a match that will determine the quarter finalists of the bantamweight division in the World Boxing Amateur Championship in Doha.  Source: Loopvanuatu

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