Vengeful PNG want win, Tahiti too

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Tahiti may have come out victorious in the first leg of their 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Qualifier – OFC Stage 3 encounter against Papua New Guinea last week, but their opponents are keen to come back hard and fast in tomorrow’s return leg in Papeete.

Papua New Guinea were stung by the sending off of young attacker David Browne in the 22nd minute forcing them to play well over an hour of football with a man down.

Despite the disadvantage, the remaining ten players put in an outstanding shift to go a goal up, and were unlucky to see Tahiti knock three past them late in the game.

“We have shown we can play them and if we had been 11v11 I think it would have been a better game,” Papua New Guinea coach Flemming Serritslev said.

“Tahiti found where we were vulnerable and it now puts the onus on us to go to Papeete and win which will be difficult.”

It was a tough end to a match in which a new-look Kapuls had been keen to showcase their abilities and carry on the form which saw them through to the OFC Nations Cup final for the first time just under 12 months earlier.

“The attitude of the players was actually very good,” Serritslev said.

“Now we just have to raise them mentally again.”

On a positive note, Lae City Dwellers captain Raymond Gunemba will be making his international return after serving a suspension in the first leg, and his speed and ability to combine with Nigel Dabinyaba on attack will be difficult for Tahiti to contain.

Flemming is also pleased that Dabinyaba and captain Michael Foster are not suspended for the return match in Papeete. The Dane had thought the yellow cards they received were their second accumulated cautions, but all single cautions were wiped following the OFC Nations Cup.

For Tahiti, a win in their fourth and final Stage 3 group match should be enough to secure their place in the final against the winner of Group A.

However having experienced the grit and determination of their opponents in Port Moresby, coach Ludovic Graugnard knows they’ll be out to prove that with a full complement on the field they are no easy beat.

And he admitted his side needs to settle into the match much quicker if they want to earn a second victory.

“We weren’t particularly settled after the sending off in Port Moresby and that was evident in our game,” Graugnard explained.

“I said to the assistant coach that if PNG score it will be from a rapid counter, a long ball or a free kick. Unfortunately it was the free kick.”

Having seen the skill of his opponents in set-pieces, and knowing the return of Gunemba means pace and unpredictability up front, the Frenchman expects a strong defensive performance from his team.

But also believes that with six points, Tahiti has a mental advantage over the Papua New Guineans which will play in their favour.

“We will go home with a lot of confidence,” he said.

“We’ll be able to play the match in Tahiti with a bit more serenity.”

Tahiti vs. Papua New Guinea
Stade Pater
Papeete, Tahiti
Tuesday 28 March

Referee: Matthew CONGER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark RULE (NZL)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)


Vital Statistics: If Tahiti are to beat Papua New Guinea it will be their tenth victory over the Melanesians in a senior men’s international.

The Players: The return of Jonathan Tehau and Tauhiti Keck to the squad will bring a new element to their attack. While the addition of keepers Stevens Hiriga and Bruno Tetuanui, who were both recently on-form in the OFC Champions League, could see Mikaël Roche lose his spot in the starting XI.

Coach Quote: “We will have some players re-join the squad in Tahiti. We went to PNG with just 17 players and we have Jonathan and Lorenzo Tehau who will join us, they’re players who will bring something fresh and allow me to rest some of the other players.”

Tahiti: 1. Mikaël ROCHE (GK), 2. Jonathan TEHAU, 3. Taumihau TIATIA, 4. Matatia PAAMA, 5. Rooarii ROO, 6. Tunoa TEVAEARAI, 7. Marama AMAU, 8. Manuarii HAUATA, 9. Manarii PORLIER, 10. Teaonui TEHAU, 11. Sylvain GRAGLIA, 12. Mauarii TEHINA, 13. Tauhiti KECK, 14. Jay WARREN, 15. Heimano BOUREBARE, 16. Bruno TETUANUI (GK), 17. Tamatoa TETAUIRA, 18. Valdo YAKEULA, 19. Lorenzo TEHAU, 20. Alvin TEHAU, 21. Fred TISSOT, 22. Tefai FAEHAU, 23. Stevens HIRIGA (GK)

Coach: Ludovic GRAUGNARD (FRA)

Papua New Guinea

Vital Statistics: When 18-year-old goalkeeper Kusuga Komolong took to the field in the 90th minute at Sir John Guise Stadium, it marked the first time the three Komolong brothers, Kusuga, Alwin and Felix, had been on the field together in a senior international.

The Players: The return of Raymond Gunemba will give Nigel Dabinyaba a familiar partner up front. The duo have played together for years and are a lethal combination as shown during the OFC Nations Cup.

Coach Quote: “It’s a new game in Tahiti where we start from 0-0 again.”

Papua New Guinea: 1. Ronald WARISAN (GK), 2. Abel REDENUT, 3. Richard ALOIS, 4. Alwin KOMOLONG, 5. Felix KOMOLONG, 6. Patrick AISA, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 8. Michael FOSTER, 9. Nigel DABINYABA, 12. Samuel KINI, 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 15. Philip STEVEN, 16. Giwi SIMON, 17. Jacob SABUA, 19. Clement WILLIS, 21. Kusuga KOMOLONG, 22. Donovan MURRAY
Suspended: 10. David BROWNE

Coach: Flemming SERRITSLEV (DEN)

Source /Photo: OFC

Tonga needs to open new trade market in NZ

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There are a lot of trade markets in New Zealand for Tonga – but actions need to take place to open these markets through plans and commissioning of a Trade Commissioner for Tonga to achieve these goals.

A member of Tonga’s Council in NZ – Melino Maka spoke to Radio Tonga from Auckland and said the Government needs to act on these issues.

He says there are opportunities for farmers in Tonga to grow their plantations and not only export them to Tongans in NZ, but also to larger markets that can help them earn a lot of revenue.

Maka says many of the agricultural produce needed by foreigners in NZ are imported from Asian Countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, but why not Tonga.

Radio Tonga News understands that a Trade Commissioner was appointed in the past but several conditions led to cancellation of the move.

Maka also spoke of the 25th anniversary of the Pasifika Festival which was attended by thousands of Tongans in NZ and 5 businesses from Tonga showcasing their traditional dances, costumes, products and others.

He said, this is a success for Tongans and Pacific Islanders in NZ to that they uphold their culture.

Tongan companies including Kenani Estate, True Vava’u, Tonga National Youth Council and South Pacific Mozuku were represented at Pasifika Festival.

 Photo Facebook: Yvette Guttenbeil, Owner - True Vava'u was one of the companies at Pasifika Festival      
Source: Radio Tonga

PNG Opposition leader Don Polye receives SDA Church's World Evangelist Doug Batchelor

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Polye forgoes Parliament session to receive  SDA Church's  World evangelist Doug Batchelor 

Papua New Guinea  Opposition Leader Don Polye forwent Parliament session today (Tuesday) to receive the Seventh - day Adventist church’s world evangelist Doug Batchelor and wife Karen at the Kagamuga airport.
Batchelor and his wife with their delegation touched down today in a chartered plane to a red-carpet treatment by the church leaders and the Opposition Leader.
They departed the airport along a corridor made of people with the church faithfuls waving, singing and clapping.
Batchelor is an author, evangelist and the director of Amazing Facts.

Over 60,000 people braved the down pour to take a glimpse of the Batchelors, Mr Polye and the church leaders at Hatti community in Hagen, Western Highlands.
Polye was invited by the Western Highlands mission to officiate at a week crusade.
The Opposition Leader, a member of the church, commended fellow church members for tiding up Mt Hagen city to its glorious days. Source: Opposition Media

Tonga reviews Food Regulations

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Representatives from Tonga’s public and private sectors, district and town officers and churches are meeting to review the country’s Food Regulations of 2014.

The aim of the workshop is to finalise the Food Bill 2017 and Food Regulations 2017.

Deputy Director and Head of the Food Division, Metuisela Falesiva, in his welcoming remarks stressed that this consultation is about dealing with the public in bringing their viewpoints on the Food Act that was passed in 2014.

The viewpoints and feedback will help finalize an outcome for the Food Bill and Food Regulations 2017.

A local legislative drafting consultant funded by the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), Sela Bloomfield, helped the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Foodto develop the Bill and Regulations.

She said that initially, she was engaged to develop Food Regulations under the Food Act 2014.   However, during the review the project team recognized that there were certain provisions in the Food Act 2014 that were needed to be amended or incorporated, in order for the Act and Regulations to be implemented effectively.

The purpose for the Act is to regulate the manufacture, sale, import and export of food for commercial purposes, to guarantee food safety and fitness for human consumption, and to promote fair trade practices in the food sector in Tonga.

After this week’s consultations the Food Bill 2017 and Food Regulations 2017 will be finalized before being presented to Cabinet for approval and to be processed through the legislative process.
Source: Press Releas

New constitution has basketball leading the way in PNG

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The Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG) have successfully adopted a
new Constitution, following its Annual General Meeting held in Port Moresby last Saturday.
Under the new Constitution, BFPNG will set a benchmark for athlete voices in the country,
with members set to appoint two Athlete Representatives, (1-male & 1-female) for each of the
nation’s four regions.

The newly adopted constitution will also see thirty-percent of BFPNG executives being female.
At the Federation’s 2016 AGM held last November, BFPNG members voted in three female
executives, representing seventy-five percent of the Board overall, reflecting the sports positive
attitude towards gender empowerment and opportunity.
BFPNG President Mr. Nick Daroa was pleased to share the positive news following the meeting.
“We are very proud to be a leading National Federation that encourages gender equality. We’ve
been promoting our theme of ‘changing the game’ and this Constitution is certainly another step
forward for us to showcase that.”

The architect behind the drafting of the new Constitution, BFPNG Vice-President Ms. Karo Lelai,
said it was great for the Federation to be pioneering the code at an executive level in Papua
New Guinea.
“Our Constitution had not been updated since 2003, so we felt the time was right to make things
current and relevant with our governance,” Ms. Lelai said.
“We spent over six-months working on the draft document, consulting with our major
stakeholders, while also reviewing many other Constitutions from sporting bodies all over the
“We felt the Constitution presented to members aligned our priorities and best-suited what the
Federation aims to achieve. We’re excited that it was passed by our affiliates at Saturday’s
“It is also fantastic that we’ll have eight athlete representatives from across the country in a
position to have their voices heard at an executive level.”
For more information please contact Chief Executive Officer Joel Khalu on

Cash is in the bag for lucky Trukai “Roots” consumers

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In a promotion resembling a real life version of the famous ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ children’s tale, Trukai is giving their customers the chance to win 1,000 Kina instantly.

Trukai Industries’ core brand, Roots Rice, has long been the staple of choice for those on a very tight budget or with many mouths to feed, and Trukai is continuing its focus on rewarding its loyal consumers by giving them the chance to win 1,000 Kina in cash, when they buy a 10kg or 20kg bag of Roots Medium Grain Rice.

This is an “Instant Win” promotion that ends 30th April, and is currently running nationwide.

The chance to win big is simple. When consumers purchase a bag of Roots Medium Grain Rice in the 10kg and 20kg variety only, they can look inside the bag and see if it contains a special ROOTS token in the shape of a heart. If you find the heart, you’ve won!

Each heart is valued at 1,000 Kina and with 50 hearts originally to be found nationwide, though a few lucky winners have so far been registered.
The first winner from Lae was awarded their K1000 cash recently. Winners are to redeem the heart for cash and you can find, win and redeem more than one heart.

The lucky customer who finds the heart in their rice purchase is to present it to their nearest Trukai Depot, where it will be validated for authenticity and their Identification confirmed.

All cash prizes are issued through Post PNG’s Salim Moni Kwik.

The heart-shaped tokens are easily recognisable. On the front of the red heart-shaped token there is the ROOTS Rice logo, while on the back of the token is a message of congratulations with instructions to take the token to your nearest Trukai office.

“It is similar to the prize in the famous story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, where you buy and look inside to the pack to win,” explained Andrew Daubney, General Manager – Sales & Marketing for Trukai Industries.

“Our message is “Painim Lewa” which is tok pisin, and when translated basically means ‘Look for the Heart/Love’. So in essence, we’re asking out consumers to find the ‘heart’ of Roots Rice, and win.”

Solomon Islands National community policing team conduct awareness talk to San Isandro Students

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  National Community Policing Team of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force recently conducted an awareness program disability Students.

The team conduct the awareness program to San Isandro School students on the Crime Prevention Strategy.

Assistant Special Coordinator for RAMSI, Mr. Masi Lomaloma form part of the team and presented talks on RAMSI’s draw down and the limited rearmament.

The program started at three o’clock on Friday 25th March 2017 with opening remarks from San Isandro School Principal.

According Sergeant John Manegaua from National Community Policing office during his talk said, “The drivers of crime are Alcohol and Drugs, Family Violence, Issues affecting Youths and Environment & Resources.”

He said, one drivers of crime is Violence against women, especially domestic violence is commonly practice in Solomon Islands which young Women are most vulnerable to it.”

Mr. John Said, “High birth rates, low investment in youth and high youth unemployment and Limited education opportunities are drivers of crime.”

He further stated “That some factors contribute to drivers of crimes are Land disputes, ownership issues and Logging disputes leading to violence.”

Principal, San Isandro School Mr. Elias Weago said, “I am happy that the team come to do awareness talks to my students.”

Mr. Weago said, “Here in school we actually can communicate with the disability students to pass on messages to them.”

Mr. Weago asked Police to continue with such programs which he believes will help the students especially on Law and order to equip them.

The program ended up with a Rugby sporting activity shortly with San Isandro student and staffs.

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