Prime Minister Peter O’Neill calls on PNG students overseas to behave

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Prime Minister O’Neill made his statement on the PNG students issue at Philippines that they must behave very well.
O’Neill stated this after the media reported that  PNG students who  are study overseas are  misbehaving .

O’Neill said thousands of our children in the country do that have that opportunity to study in overseas and these fortunate students must realize that fact.
“Our children out there today must realize that this is a life time opportunity they are presented with, therefore they must go and behave well in the community where is trying to educate them and give them a chance in life,” O’Neill said.
He said whatever the disciplinary actions taken by the school, or the sponsors or the parents we support it, and these kids needs to be discipline.
“We cannot expect anything less, but they must behave and that is required of any of our kids going to school overseas to study at anybody’s cost whether it’s a sponsor or parents.
He urged the students that people are making sacrifice for you to be educated and you have to take advantage of that very well.

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PM officially launches TB awareness campaign

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Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has officially launched the K100 million awareness campaign on Tuberculosis in the country today.

The campaign is to fight against TB as part of the Governments priorities on Health services in the country is an area of concern where it sees TB as a killer disease that should be dealt with.

PM O’Neill said the awareness campaign is to make our communities aware of the disease itself and how they can be able to avoid getting it and also how to go about to get treatment for its cure.

“TB is a threat to our nation so we have to stand together to fight it and live a healthier lives,” Mr O’Neill said.

He said that most part of the awareness would be in  ‘tokpisin’ for the local people to understand the content of the awareness campaign.

“TB is curable and can be prevented and when we take the right approach to fight the disease we can stop TB,” Mr O’Neill said.

Mr O’Neill presented a video show on how the TB awareness campaign will appear n the Televisions, and he also said that the messages will go through the established mobile communication network such as Digicel.

The launch was witnessed by Minister for Public Service Dr. Puka Temu, Minister for State enterprises Ben Micah, Minister for Finance James Marape, Minister for Sports Justin Tkatchenko, health secretary and Digicel reps and the media.   

The mobile phone awareness has been establish and people are expected to receive the messages of the awareness campaign anytime soon, while the Television ones will be shown in its commercial programs, and for print media and online as advertising publicity.

The campaign targets specific locations around the nation including NCD, Gulf and Western provinces and also other parts of the country to be alert of TB.

James Segeyaro’s year of agony and ecstasy as hooker is named in Dally M Team of the Year

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The Daily Telegraph 

FINALLY, some joy for James Segeyaro.

His life punctuated by grief over the past 18 months, the Panthers hooker was the most sentimental member of this season’s Dally M Team of the Year.

More impressive than holding off Origin rakes Cameron Smith and Robbie Farah for the dummy half prize, Segeyaro did so after farewelling two of his favourite people.

Midway through last season he lost good friend and former Cowboys team mate, Alex Elisala, to suicide.
And just last month Segeyaro buried his father, Iffy, who died of a sudden stroke in Papua New Guinea.
In between the feisty 23-year-old has been forced to fight his way into the Panthers starting line-up.

After signing a contract extension last season in the belief he would be Penrith’s top rake, Segeyaro was shocked to learn the club had also re-signed his main rival, Kevin Kingston.
As co-captain, the elder Kingston was given the starting jersey to start the season, leaving Segeyaro a frustrated observer from the bench at kick-off.

But when injury knocked Kingston out of the team, Segeyaro grabbed his chance and never looked back, forcing Kingston to finish his career in the NSW Cup.
All this after recovering from a torn pectoral suffered while representing the Kumuls in last September’s PMXIII clash.

He scored tries from dummy half — particularly to open games — with monotonous ease.
His decision to switch allegiance from Papua New Guinea looks set to pay huge dividends, with Segeyaro now eyeballing Roosters hooker Jake Friend to succeed Smith for Queensland.

Friend’s omission was somewhat controversial, given his game also went to another level at Bondi this year.
The remaining forwards — Sam Burgess, Beau Scott and James Graham — were all popular selections, leaving winger Semi Radradra as the bolter.
The Fijian was barely known at the start of the year, but shot to prominence with his freakish try-scoring strike rate and blockbusting kick returns.


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By Aibo Bebes

I am a regular user of Digicel Internet and I have come to a point where I believe Digicel is actually stealing credits from it's customers - not just small amounts but huge chunks of Internet credits. It is now happening on a regular basis and there is no logical explanation why this should be. I work with computers and there is no way huge chunks of internet credits, for example, 60MB could be used up in under five minutes or just disappear altogether before you have even started surfing. Even if there is any downloads taking place in the background, the Internet speed is simply not fast enough to consume so much megabytes in a very short small of time. Something is definitely not right, Digicel! I am sure a lot of people are experiencing this but unable to report it, because Digicel support is practically non-existent. If you ever get through their support line, the number of voice prompts that you have to get through is just plain lunacy and more waiting time before a brainless operator answers who has no clue what you are talking about. I believe Digicel is making it's millions from unearned credits through day-light robbery. And they need to fix up their acts quickly. This is totally unexceptable and should not be tolerated by it's customers. These kinds of issues were reported by some users on social media sometime ago and personally I am experiencing this on a regular basis. Night time internet usage is even worse with ultra slow internet speed and yet the credits being used up is massive, meaning being stolen! What the hell is going on, Digicel? You better have a good explanation for this as customers are really sick of this level of service by what is supposed to be a premier telco operator in PNG. Anybody close to Digicel management might like to echo this concern to them and get them to get their acts together. For me, when a new telco starts operating it's out with Digicel. But then, they wouldn't care as they have already recouped all the money they spent and made a huge killing monopolising the whole mobile sector while BMobile remained totally immobilised!


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The Bank of Papua New Guinea has recorded a budget deficit of over K275.5 million in its September Monetary Statement.
This came about as a result of the government’s expenditure on the construction phase of the PNG LNG Project in the last two years.

This was revealed by the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea, Loi Bakani in his address to members of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce.

But Bakani said, with the export shipments of the LNG Gas, the PNG economy will be expecting a surplus next year.

In 2013 the budget, the government has seen a 20% increase in its spending. Much of this money was invested in the health, education and law and order sectors.

This increase is also evident in the annual release of K10 million by the national government as District Support Improvement Program funds for each electorate.

But with so much money being injected into the economy, the country is currently experiencing an 8% increase in inflation.

This means shops owners and business houses will most likely increase the price of goods and services to get back the money lost through inflation.

Meanwhile the PNG kina is depreciating against both the US and Australian Dollars, leading to higher import prices.


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PNG Opposition Leader Belden has called on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to leave the Ombudsman Commission alone.
Mr. Namah said that the Prime Minister’s outburst over the K50m claim is a direct attack on the Ombudsman Commission.

He is willing to meet with the Ombudsman Commission and other relevant state authorities to clarify this claim.

Mr. Namah told a news conference this afternoon that funds used by his party were private funds and not public funds.

His was responding to claims made against him by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The Prime Minister raised his concern stating that the Ombudsman Commission failed to investigate allegations against Belden Namah for using K50m during the 2012 elections.

In response to the PM’s statement, Namah said that he is not accountable to the Prime Minister and is willing to cooperate with any authority to clarify this claim.

He called on the Prime Minister not to interfere with the Ombudsman Commission.

The Registry of Political Parties and Candidates is the lawful authority to deal with this matter, said the Opposition leader.

Registrar of Political Parties Dr. Alphonse Gelu has said that the issue is now within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman Commission.

Dr Gelu added that it is very sensitive, as it deals with members of Parliament and will only comment when advised.

Prime Minister O’Neill raises concern over OC move not to probe Namah

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Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill has raised concerns that the Ombudsman Commission will not investigate claims made by Opposition Leader, Belden Namah MP, that he spent K50 million on Members of Parliament in the 2012 election.

Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said Mr Namah himself had made the multimillion kina claim and it raises serious concerns that should be properly scrutinized. However, the Ombudsman Commission has responded by suggesting the matter should be considered by the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Commission. In his correspondence with the Chief Ombudsman, the Prime Minister stated that the failure of the Ombudsman Commission to inquire into this claim “casts light on the fundamental question of fairness and impartiality on the part of the Commission.”

“This matter is the subject of great public interest, which warrants Ombudsman Commission investigation under the Leadership Code. “The Ombudsman Commission should not simply ignore the public complaint, which has been lodged and refer it to another Authority for investigation.

Speaking after more recent correspondence from the Chief Ombudsman, the Prime Minister said he remains concerned at the lack of interest on the part of the Ombudsman Commission.

“The people of Papua New Guinea have legitimate questions that they would like answered,” Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said. “Where did Mr Namah get this K50 million? He was not a successful businessman before he went into politics. “Has he declared this K50 million and paid tax on it? “Adherence to transparency is a responsibility of all holders of public office and this admission of questionable activity by the Leader of the Opposition needs to be fully investigated without fear or favour.”


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