PM O’Neill Congratulates all Members-elect

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The Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill , has extended his best wishes to all declared Members-elect for the new Parliament, and said he looks forward to the heavy workload ahead for the incoming Government.

PM O’Neill also thanked the business community and people around the Nation for their patience during the election, and said he anticipates a post-election increase in economic activity after Parliament resumes.
“I congratulate all Members-elect on their declarations,” the Prime Minister said.
“Regardless of whether you join us in Government, or sit on the opposition benches, you have already made a great achievement. Your provinces and districts have elected you to represent them in the Tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

“We look forward to the Return of Writs, and the invitation by our Nation’s Governor-General to assemble in Parliament to demonstrate our number and to form the new Government.
“To Members who will be joining the Government, we have a lot of work ahead as we deliver our policy agenda over the coming five years.
“The Ministers and Members that will make up the Government Caucus have challenges ahead and we will meet each one of these.

“Many challenges before us are known, and we will face new challenges. With a Government that is made up of the experience of returning Members, and the fresh energy of new Members, we will meet these challenges.”
The Prime Minister thanked people and the business community around the country for their patience during the election period.
“National elections are a major event for our democracy, and our people have high participation in this process.

“Every five years this also leads to a temporary slowdown for some businesses and limited disruption to Government activities.
“As we move on from the formation of Government, we will also see a surge in business activity and we look forward to the additional economic stimulus that this delivers.
“Some Government Departments will have new Ministers, and all agencies of the State will be undertaking reviews and looking at ways to enhance service delivery.
“While the 2017 National Election has not been without its difficulties, including limited instances of unfortunate and deplorable acts, we have experienced the most peaceful and safe elections of recent decades.

“All Members-elect need to honour the confidence that has been bestowed upon them by their electorates, and carry themselves in a Parliamentary manner.
“There is a core element that all Members-elect share, and that is the honour of serving our great Nation of Papua New Guinea.”

81 declared, 11 provinces yet to complete counting

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There are 11 provinces yet to complete counting and 30 seats remain undeclared . Electoral Commissioner  Gamato had a discussion  with GG Sir Bob yesterday regarding the on-going counting and delays but their discussions were not made  available to the media.

Manus: Completed (1 Provincial, 1 Open)
1. Charlie Benjamin - Manus Provincial (PNC)
2. Job Pomat - Manus Open (PNC)

East New Britain: Completed (1 Provincial, 4 Open)
1. Nakikus Konga - ENB Provincial (PPP)
2. Elias Kapavore - Pomio Open (PNC)
3. Emil Tammur- Kokopo Open (PPP)
4. Jelta Wong - Gazelle Open (United Resources Party)
5. Dr. Allan Marat - Rabaul Open (Melanesian Liberal Party)

New Ireland: Completed (1 Provincial, 2 Open)
1. Sir Julius Chan - New Ireland Provincial (PPP)
2. Ian Ling Stuckey - Kavieng Open (NA)
3. Walter Schnaubelt - Namatanai Open (NA)

West New Britain: Completed (1 Provincial, 2 Open)
1. Sasindran Muthuvel - WNB Provincial (PNC)
2. Joseph Lelang - Kandrian-Gloucester Open (Coalition for Reform Party)
3. Francis Galia Maneke - Talasea Open (Our Development Party)

Milne Bay: Completed (1 Provincial, 4 Open)
1. John Luke Crittin - Milne Bay Provincial (PNC)
2. Douglas Tomuriesa - Kiriwina-Goodenough Open (THE/PNC)
3. Isi Henry Leonard - Samarai-Murua Open (PNG Party)
4. Charles Abel - Alotau Open (PNC)
5. Davis Stevens - Esaála Open (PNC)

Hela: Completed (1 Provincial, 3 Open)
1. Philip Undialu - Hela Provincial (THE/PNC)
2. James Marape - Tari-Pori Open (NA/PNC)
3. Petrus Nane Thomas - Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open (Independent)
4. Manneseh Makiba Marape - Komo-Magarima Open (Independent)

Autonomous Region of Bougainville: Completed (1 Regional, 3 Open)
1. Joe Lera - Bougainville Regional (URP)
2. Timothy Masiu - South Bougainville Open (NA)
3. William Nakin - North Bougainville Open (NA)
4. Fr. Simon Dumarinu - Central Bougainville Open (Social Democratic Party)

East Sepik: Completed (1 Provincial, 6 Open)
1. Allan Bird - ESP Provincial (NA)
2. Richard Maru - Yangoru-Sausia Open (PNC)
3. Joseph Yopyyopy - Wosera-Gawi Open (Melanesian Alliance Party)
4. John Simon - Maprik Open (NA)
5. Kevin Isifu - Wewak Open (PPP)
6. Johnson Wapunai - Ambunti-Drekikir Open (PNC)
7. Salio Waipo - Angoram Open (PNC)

Central: Completed (1 Provincial, 4 Open)
1. Robert Agarobe - Central Provincial (Independent)
2. Sir Puka Temu - Abau Open (PNC)
3. Lekwa Gure - Rigo Open (Independent)
4. William Samb - Goilala Open (PANGU)
5. Peter Namea Isoaimo - Kairuku-Hiri Open (NA)

Northern: Completed (1 Provincial, 2 Open)
1. Gary Juffa - Northern Provincial (People’s Movement for Change)
2. Richard Masere - Ijivitari Open (NA)
3. Henry Amuli - Sohe Open (Independent)

Gulf: Completed (1 Provincial, 2 Open)
1. Chris Haiveta - Gulf Provincial (PNG Country Party)
2. Richard Mendani - Kerema Open (PNGCP/URP/NA)
3. Soroi Marepo Eoe - Kikori Open (PNG National Party)

Morobe: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 9 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - Morobe Provincial
2. Koni Iguan - Markham Open (PANGU)
3. Sam Basil - Bulolo Open (PANGU)
4. Thomas Pelika - Menyamya Open (PANGU)
5. Patrick Basa - Kabwum Open (Christian Democratic Party)
6. Dr. Kobie Bomareo - Tewai-Siasi Open (PANGU)
7. Renbo Paita - Finschaffen Open (PANGU)
8. John Rosso - Lae Open (Independent)
9. Ross Seymour - Huon Gulf Open (NA)
10. Kennedy Wenge - Nawaeb Open (PANGU)

West Sepik: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 4 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - WSP Provincial
2. Solan Mirisim - Telefomin Open (PNC)
3. Joe Sungi - Nuku Open (NA)
4. Patrick Pruaitch - Aitape-Lumi Open (NA)
5. Belden Namah - Vanimo-Green River Open (PNG Party)

Western Highlands: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 4 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - WHP Provincial
2. William Duma - Hagen Open (United Resources Party)
3. Wesley Nukundi - Dei Open (PP/PNC)
4. Win Bakri Daki - Tambul-Nebilyer Open (Independent)
5. Koi Trappe - Mul-Baiyer-Lumusa Open (PNC)

Simbu: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 5 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - Simbu Provincial
2. Kerenga Kua - Sinesine-Yongumugl Open (NA/PNG National Party)
3. Wera Mori - Chuave Open (PNC)
4. Geoffery Kama – Karamui-Salt-Nomane (THE)
5. (Undeclared) - Kerowagi Open
5. (Undeclared) Gumine Open
7. (Undeclared) Kundiawa Open

Enga: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 4 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - Enga Provincial
2. John Pundari - Kompiam-Ambum Open (PNC)
3. Lino Tom - Wabag (Independent)
4. (Undeclared) - Kandep
5. (Undeclared) - Lagaip-Porgera
6. (Undeclared) - Wapenamanda

Eastern Highlands: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 8 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - EHP Provincial
2. Moriape Vereda Kavori - Lufa Open (THE)
3. Pogio Gahate - Daulo Open (SDP)
4. Henry Tutuwo Ame - Goroka Open (Independent)
5. Robert Atiyafah - Henganofi Open (Independent/PNC)
6. Johnson Tuke - Kainantu Open (Independent/PPP)
7. Benny Allen – Unggai-Bena (PNC)
8. Saki Soloma – Okapa Open (THE)
9. (Undeclared) - Obura-Wonenara Open

Madang: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 6 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - Madang Provincial
2. Chris Yer Nangoi - Sumkar Open (PANGU)
3. Bryan Krammer - Madang Open (PANGU)
4. (Undeclared) - Bogia Open
5. (Undeclared) - Middle Ramu Open
6. (Undeclared) - Rai Coast Open
7. (Undeclared) - Usino-Bundi Open

Southern Highlands: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 5 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - SHP Provincial
2. Peter O’Neill - Ialibu-Pangia Open (PNC)
3. (Undeclared) - Imbonggu Open
4. (Undeclared) - Mendi Open
5. (Undeclared) - Nipa-Kutubu Open
6. (Undeclared) - Kagua-Erave Open

Jiwaka: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 3 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - Jiwaka Provincial
3. Fabian Pok - North Waghi Open (URP)
4. Wake Goi - Jimi Open (PNC)
5. (Undeclared) - Anglimp-South Waghi Open

Western: Outstanding (1 Provincial, 3 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - Western Provincial
2. Roy Biyama - Middle Fly Open (PNC)
3. (Undeclared) - South Fly Open
4. (Undeclared) - North Fly Open

National Capital District: Outstanding (1 Regional, 3 Open)
1. (Undeclared) - NCD Regional
2. Justin Tkatchenko - Moresby South Open (PNC)
4. Sir Mekere Morauta - Moresby North West (Independent)
3. (Undeclared) - Moresby North East


Ousted Member for East New Britain Leo Dion wants recount

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Ousted East New Britain Provincial Member, Sir Leo Dion is calling for a re-count of the Provincial Seat that saw his defeat last week.
According to a statement, Sir Leo says he will be challenging the matter in the Court of Disputed Returns.

His statement outlines allegations of irregularities and discrepancies, which amounted to fraud and criminal behaviour, adding that the counting was not open to sufficient scrutiny, observation and transparency.

Sir Leo is basing his claims on what he says is sufficient and credible evidence, that the entire counting process was tampered with.
He has engaged a lawyer to file an urgent application fir re-count in the court of disputed returns.

He iterates that he will not sit by and accept the fraudulent hijacking of the electoral process by a few greedy people.
NBC News

Sir Mekere to setup Inquiry into Government systems

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Former prime minister and now Moresby North West elected MP, Sir Mekere Morauta, says there will be an inquiry into government systems if he's in government.

Making his speech following his declaration just minutes ago at the Rita Flynn Courts in Port Moresby, Sir Mekere made particular reference to the electoral system, describing it as sick and needs a complete overhaul.

"The counting officials, the assistant returning officers, you have worked very very hard.
"While I wasn't here, I could feel the pain and the frustrations.
"With all the respect to Rita Flynn, if I had the chance to rename the this building I will call it the "house of toture".

"It has been a torture, and the system should not treat people like this.
"What is happening here is a clear sign that we have a sick system and we need to correct it.
"In merely five years from 2012 to now, the system has broken down.
"Its man-handled, manipulated by evil people and we should not allow this to happen.
"When we are in government we will have a commission of inquiry.
"This is because the system does not work. It denies the people who own this country, their right to speak, their right to choose, and those are important fundamental democratic rights that we have to protect.

"I've never had an experience like this in my public life.
"This has been the most frustrating, dispiriting experience and I don't want to go through this again."
Sir Mekere polled 14,007 votes past the absolute majority of 12,918 votes at the 35th and last elimination at around 9 o'clock this morning to be declared the winner.
NBC News/PNG Today

Tug- of- war as Double declaration for Moresby North West Open

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There are two declarations made so far  for Moresby North West Open seat. In the morning today,  Sir Mekere Morauta was declared as the member elect for Moresby North West by the Assistant NCD Election Manager, Bale Kavanamur.  However,  according to EMTV,  another declaration was  made in the afternoon in a hotel room in Port Moresby.

This time, an independent candidate Joseph Tonde was declared winner of the Port Moresby North-West by the returning officer Moka Havara.

EMTV witnessed the declaration at the Airways hotel in Port Moresby where it was made infront of several people.  The returning officer Kavara and the candidate Joseph Tonde were together at the hotel room making the declaration.

This will now become a tug-of-war  among  Mekere  verse Tonde  and Election Manager  Kavanamur and Returning Officer Havara.

...............more to come.............Follow this new trend for more updates

PNG Hunters coach Marum beefs up pack for round 21 clash against Redcliffe Dolphins

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WILLIE Minoga moves to the back-row for the PNG Hunters in one of four positional changes for Sunday’s match against the Redcliffe Dolphins.
The Wapenamanda native shifts from the centres to beef up the pack after David Loko copped a one-match ban for a dangerous throw in last Sunday’s 22-22 draw with the Mackay Cutters at the NFS.
Diminutive tackling machine Rhadley Brawa drops back to the bench to accommodate Minoga.
Hunters pack leader Wellington Albert returns to his spot in the front-row with brother Stanton shifting back to lock.

Albert, who sat out the last round with a bout of food poisoning, was given a clean bill of health by medical staff and will be needed to impose himself in what will be a top-of-the-table clash.
The Hunters lead the competition on 33 points four clear of the Sunshine Coast Falcons (29) but face an in-form Redcliffe side at Dolphin Oval.
The fourth-placed Dolphins (28 points), who beat the CQ Capras 42-6 last Saturday, would be out to exact revenge for their 12-10 loss to the Hunters back in round 7.
In the other changes, Butler Morris gets his first run-on start since round 3 at the expense of winger Wawa Paul while Adex Wera stays in the centres after transitioning from the wing mid-game against the Cutters.
Interestingly, Wera’s defensive game will be tested by former teammate Thompson Teteh as the pair line up against each other for the round 21 fixture.
Second-rower Brawa and Paul have both been included on the extended bench but will only be used if one of the 17 drops out. Hunters assistant coach Nigel Hukula said last week’s draw with the Cutters was disappointing but the side was not hitting the panic button yet in terms of their confidence or game plans.
He attributed the result to a loss of concentration in the final 10 minutes of the game.
“We didn’t do ourselves any favours by not competing in those final 10 minutes against the Cutters. That was disappointing and we’re aware of and addressing this week,” Hukula said.
“Our mental attitude and game management wasn’t spot on and we need to improve for the next game.”
The final 18-man team travels to Brisbane on Saturday for the 1.40pm game on Sunday.
The match will be televised ‘live’ on Channel 9 throughout Australia and TV Wan in PNG.

The Hunters return to Port Moresby on Monday.
Hunters: 1. Stargroth Amean, 2. Bland Abavu, 3. Israel Eliab, 4. Adex Wera, 5. Butler Morris, 6. Ase Boas (C), 7. Watson Boas, 8. Wellington Albert, 9. Wartovo Puara Jr, 10. Esau Siune, 11. Willie Minoga, 12. Nixon Put, 13. Stanton Albert; Reserves: 14. Gahuna Silas, 15. Enoch Maki, 16. Brandy Peter, 17. Moses Meninga, 18. Karo Kauna Jr, 19. Wawa Paul, 20. Rhadley Brawa. The National/PNG Today

Former PNG prime minister Sir Mekere wins Moresby Northwest seat

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The former Papua New Guinea prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta won the Moresby Northwest seat in the ongoing national election after the final elimination this morning.

After a lengthy vote counting process full of delays, Sir Mekere exceeded the absolute majority after the 35th elimination, securing 14-thousand votes after distribution of preference votes.

He had over 3,500 more votes than the independent candidate, Lohia Boe Samuel.

Sir Mekere Morauta retired from politics in the 2012 election, but said he sought to return to the fray to help change the government of Peter O'Neill.

The deadline for the return of writs in PNG's election is tomorrow.

However, results are yet to be declared in dozens of the 111 parliament seats. RNZI/ PNG Today

Election of PNG Speaker of Parliament expected next week

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The election of the Speaker of Papua New Guinea Parliament next Friday is a good indication of who will occupy the top post as prime minister.

Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Alphonse Gelu said this when he made reference to previous elections held in 2002, 2007 and 2012.

He said that the invited party, its coalition partners and their successful candidate for speaker gave the first indication of numbers in support for their prime minister of choice to be voted in.

Despite the trend, Dr Gelu did not rule out the chance of a surprise for the latter outcome not to occur despite the slight possibility.

“First they get in, it will be the speaker who is elected, and normally on who elects the speaker we will already know,” Gelu said.

“The speaker is the indicator; first most important indicator whether the party that was invited has the numbers, simple majority (56 or more) or not, that means it is the other group,” Dr Gelu said.

He said that the real deal on the formation of the government is what everyone was looking forward to.

Asked if the favoured party had missed out previously, Gelu said it had not in the past three elections of speaker and prime minister under the Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates.

“If you look at 2002 when the Organic Law was first enforced, NA was invited and they formed the government, in 2007 NA was invited and NA formed the government.”

In 2012 PNC was invited and PNC formed the government.”

Dr Gelu also said with the current indication of declarations, PNC could very well receive the letter of invitation.

Meanwhile, as the horse trading for the formation of the new government is gaining momentum, re-elected Oro Governor and People’s Movement for Change party leader Gary Juffa has revealed he will align with any group, but not one headed by Prime Minister Peter O’Neil.

Juffa at a press conference said he would align with Sam Basil, Keregua Kua and Dr Allan Marat, whom he considered as credible leaders with standing in their respective communities.

He said they were people who not only talk, but fight corruption.

He was expected to fly to Goroko, Eastern Highland province to meet the Eastern bloc headed Pangu Party leader Basil.

However, Juffa said although he is interested in forming the next government, it doesn’t matter which side of the parliament he finds himself, so long as he is not with the team headed by People’s National Congress party.

“National Alliance seems to be accumulating the numbers so does Pangu. I’m looking at these parties coming together and the first agenda is rescuing our economy which is free falling at a the moment, review health and education, put in place ICAC , table all enquires such as the SABL and finance and send some of these crooks to jail . Any alliance that agrees to that is who I’m working with. It will be a challenge to see who would agree with that; that’s when we see whether they are with the people or not,” he said.

He claimed the support of five independents but did not specify whom.

He also called on the rest of the independents not follow the crowd and be bribed into supporting an alliance but make a decision on what is right, just and in the best interest of the people.

“Being elected doesn’t make you are leader, it is what you do in parliament that makes you a leader. You are not elected to get into parliament to follow other leaders or other MPs who may not be leaders.

You are elected to get into parliament to pass legislations that is going to protect the interest of this country, to fight for what your people need and deserve and at all times to think about the future and to screen all the investors that come into this country,” he said.


The party with the numbers will form the Government : Barker

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It is the bigger parties- the ruling Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party, National Alliance and Pangu Party that will have the upper hand in forming the next government.

This is the view of economist and director of the Institute of National Affairs (INA) Paul Barker.

Mr Barker was giving his views on the camps that have already been established by the big players and the horse trading that has heightened as they look to mustering the required number to form government.

PNC has gone into camp at Alotau, while Pangu and its allies form the Eastern Block in Goroka, and the National Alliance in Kokopo.

“Each party is exploring what they can offer to help form the government and what’s on offer from the other parties/leaders in terms of ministries for their own team and the importance of those ministries.

“A deal can be struck but then changed or an apparent deal, whilst another deal has actually been firmed up. Everyone is testing how far they can trust each other. So it’s a game of bridge or diplomacy where everyone is trying to read their own hands and guess others,” Mr Barker said.

PNC leads to date having 23 seats under its belt, while NA has 12.

On the issue of a likely reunion, following the fallout by the two former major coalition partners, Mr Barker said it is possible.

“NA made a bold stand of Independence, leaving the PNC-led government and condemning economic management, when they already held the Treasury portfolio.

“An interesting position but they (NA) and all other parties wanted to show their distinction and not be too closely aligned with others,

“That does not mean that PNC and NA would not realign with each other again. They did in 2012 and a few months earlier in 2011.

Mr Barker said clearly the parties/blocs other than PNC would want to form a government but highlighted that PNC clearly has an initial advantage as the largest party that will be invited to form government.

“However if they only have say 26-32 members or so they fall short of the needed number. So in any case PNC like the other parties need a coalition to form government. If they cannot then the opportunity immediately goes to the others. So it all depends on how firm the alliances, hostilities, allegiances, demands from supporters etc are,” Mr Barker added. PNG Today/Post Courier/Statement

Nation-Wide Development to Continue with PNC-Led Government as more Members are Declared

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The Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill , has welcomed the ongoing declaration of PNC Members from around the country that he said demonstrates the nation-wide appeal of the PNC-led Government and its policies.

PM O’Neill made the comments as more PNC Members are declared from each of the Nation’s four regions.

"Our Government for the next Parliament will be nationwide and consultative, not focused on any single region,” the Prime Minister said.

"Regionalism and selfishness that comes from exclusion will never be a part of a PNC-led Government.

"PNC candidates are being elected in significant numbers around the country from island and costal through to highlands communities.

"When we form Government, we will serve all districts and provinces without bias and advance Papua New Guinea together.

"Ours is a Government that has never discriminated and we will maintain our focus on being equitable and fair for every district and province.

“This has been a hallmark of our Government over the last five years and this will continue.

"The PNC-led Government has a proven track record of delivering for districts and provinces regardless of the region in which they are located.

"We have delivered roads and bridges, we have delivered free education and healthcare, and we have improved law and order.

"As well as direct nationally funding, DSIPs and PSIPs have delivered real change for local communities.

"The proof is there in every district and province that have chosen to work hard for their people in the last Parliament.

"You have to remember that opposition parties have declared that they want to dump free education and universal healthcare, and remove DSIPs and PSIPs.

“These are policies that have changed lives around the nation and these policies will continue under our Government.

“As a truly national party we welcome or partners that have a strong representation in each region, and we will all work together on national policy delivery.

“Together we will continue to deliver for districts and provinces, and together we will deliver for Papua New Guinea.”

Election Results: Choose Province


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