Fiji National University offers certificate program in broadcast engineering

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The Fiji National University (FNU) Certificate 4 in Broadcast Engineering, which has been developed in conjunction with PACMAS and in consultation with the industries in the region, will be offered at the Derrick Campus, Samabula, starting in Trimester 1, 2015.

The 2 year program will include 12 months of industrial attachment and 3 trimesters or 12 months of class contacts. The entry requirement for this program is the successful completion of form 6 or equivalent or at least 11 years of schooling and 2 years of working in the broadcast/electronics related industry.

For those currently working in the industry, FNU has also developed a 15 weeks special certificate training program focused on broadcast technology to up-skill them in this area and bring them to the level of a Broadcast Technician.  It will have special emphasis on the practical and hands-on applications so that technicians will be able to do actual work, from the studios to the transmitter, after completion. At the end of the training, these technicians will be awarded a Certificate of Participation in the program.

The training is long overdue as there is no other training program specific for broadcast technicians in the region. Cross-crediting is available for those who may have done some training in Electronics or Electrical Engineer and it could also mean qualify for the Certificate 4 award when they complete the special training program. However, participants must apply and be assessed before they can be awarded the Certificate 4.

PACMAS will be sponsoring about 20 technicians from the region, who are currently working in the industry with a special arrangement for FNU to conduct this training in three country locations, (Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga).  These will be training workshops of about 2 weeks duration for each module.

Those who want to be part of this training program will be required to fill in an expression of interest (EOI) which will be put up on the PACMAS website

Source: PACMAS

Pang wins global cage fight

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PNG-born cage fighter Adrian Pang has beaten Netherlands fighter Vincent Latoel by a third-round guillotine choke to win his debut fight in the globally recognised Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ONE Fighting Championships at the Gymnasium of the National Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing, China on Saturday.

Pang returned from a 17-month layoff to score a third-round submission victory over Latoel in his ONE FC debut.

The heavy-handed Pang dominated the striking throughout, scoring a knockdown in the first round. In the third round, Latoel attempted a two-legged takedown, but Pang promptly countered with a guillotine choke to force the tapout 2 minutes, 15 seconds into the frame.

The win improved Pang’s record to 21-8-2, while Latoel’s fell to 15-16-2. The undercard featured two four-man tournaments fought entirely among Chinese fighters, a featherweight tournament and a flyweight tournament. – Taipei Times

APNG to acquire ATR 72-600 aircrafts

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AIRLINES PNG has sought all the necessary approvals including from its shareholders and will now proceed with its plans to acquire a total of six ATR 72-600 aircrafts.

The announcement was made by the company in its report to the market last Friday following a special meeting of shareholders on December 18.

"Airlines PNG conditionally entered an agreement with Avions de Transport Regional GIE to progressively acquire 6 ATR 72-600 on December 5, 2014.

Following approval by Airlines PNG shareholders of entry by the Company into the ATR Contract at the Special Meeting of Shareholders and final Airlines PNG Board approval to enter the ATR Contract, all conditions contained in the ATR Contract have now been satisfied.

"The Company is therefore pleased to be able to announce that it is now proceeding with this acquisition, with the first new aircraft expected to be delivered in September 2015."

APNG said the special meeting and board have also approved entry by the Company into agreements under which the first 3 ATR 72-600 aircraft to be purchased under the ATR Contract will be acquired by a highly reputable international aviation leasing company and leased by Airlines PNG on operating lease terms. The company said this investment in new aircraft is part of an ambitious fleet modernisation strategy by Airlines PNG which aims to allow the Company to expand and improve its services, while also improving its competitiveness.

"With the new robust ATR turboprops in its fleet, Airlines PNG will benefit from the aircraft’s excellent short and soft field performance operating from a range of runways. The aircraft is optimised for hot and high operations typical in PNG...," the company stated.

PNG gas reserves set to fulfill Asian demand

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PAPUA New Guinea with its large natural gas reserves and operating LNG export facility, is well positioned to help fulfill Asia’s demand for gas, says High Artic chief executive officer Tim Braun.

"The long term demand for clean energy in Asia will in part be fulfilled by LNG imports. Papua New Guinea with its large natural gas reserves, and operating LNG export facility, is well positioned to help fulfill this demand.

"High Arctic will benefit from this opportunity as a substantial portion of our revenue is earned operating under fixed term contracts in PNG," Mr Braun said.

"We continue to evaluate other growth opportunities in both PNG and Canada, and recognise that this capital budget provides flexibility to increase our capital spending throughout the year if expansion opportunities materialise.

While announcing an approval of a capital budget last week and commenting on the Asian LNG imports, Mr Braun said budgeted maintenance capital expenditures in 2015 of CAN$4.2 million (K9.32 million) will ensure that the equipment in both PNG and Canada continue to operate at the highest industry standards.

High Arctic has announced that its board of directors has approved a capital budget of CAN$36 million (K79.9 million) for 2015.

This budget will be used to complete previously announced capital spending projects and to address maintenance and incremental growth opportunities next year.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill offers Thoughts and Prayers Following Tragic events in PNG, Australia and Pakistan

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The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, has asked Papua New Guineans to offer their thoughts and prayers for the families involved in recent tragic events, and to embrace their own family and friends and give thanks for their communities.
O'Neill  said this is the time of the year that should be filled with joy as communities prepare to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year, but recent weeks have seen tragedy. “The death in Australia of eight children from the Torres Strait this week, the massacre of more than one hundred children in Pakistan, the murder of hostages in Sydney, and the deaths of Papua New Guinean police officers have marked a sad time as we prepare for Christmas.
“What should be a time of happiness has been filled with grief and outrage and as a community we need to pull together, pray and reflect on the positives things in our lives. “As we prepare for Christmas this weekend, in your homes and in your churches, I ask Papua New Guineans to do two things. I ask you to pray for the families of people lost to these recent incidents, and I ask you to embrace those who are close to you and to give thanks for all we have that is good. “Give thanks for your family and friends, give thanks for your community and give thanks for this blessed country in which we live. “We have a lot to be grateful for and Christmas is a time to offer thanks and gratitude.”
The Prime Minister said the death of eight children from the Torres Strait has shocked the world and he has offered his condolences on behalf of Papua New Guinea. “Our nation grieves with people in Cairns and around Australia at the senseless loss of eight young lives. May their young souls find eternal peace. “Sadly, this is the third time this week our nation has extended condolences for a horrific event. “These terrible occurrences cannot be reversed, but we can unite in grief and all do our best to build a brighter future. “Lets look after each other, and look after our communities.”

Tigers and giraffes to come to PNG

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Papua New Guinea's national emblem, the Bird of Paradise, is settling into a Chinese zoo in an exchange that will see giraffes and tigers housed at Adventure Park in Port Moresby's 14-Mile.

Under a PNG-China conservation and preservation program, 10 of the rare birds, along with four pairs of endangered tree kangaroos, have arrived at one of the world's largest zoos in China.

In return, PNG is receiving giraffes, tigers, zebras - all African animals - along with their handlers.

And no, a panda is not to make its way to 14-Mile due to the heat.

Moti slams rumours: No interest in returning to Solomon Islands

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JULIAN Moti, whose controversial engagement by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in 2006 sparked a bitter diplomatic spat between Australia and Solomon Islands, says he is not interested in returning.

The Fiji-born Australian citizen was engaged by Mr Sogavare in 2006 as the country’s attorney general – an engagement that soured the country’s relationship with Australia and that of Australia with Papua New Guinea.

Upon the re-election of Mr Sogavare to the top post this week, the Moti issue resurfaced on social media.

The Solomon Star exclusively asked Mr Moti about his relationship with Mr Sogavare and if he would return again if offered the AG’s post.

"Let me put everyone's mind to rest by answering the only question that needs to be asked,” Mr Moti said.

“I have absolutely no interest in returning to Solomon Islands to take up the Attorney General's post,” Mr Moti added.

Asked what his take is on criticisms that may arise to discredit Mr Sogavare regarding the past issue, Mr Moti said Mr Sogavare knows he now has better things to do.

“Manasseh Sogavare knows that I've got better things to do with my time and life away from the Solomons.

“He need not be troubled by idle speculations.”

Mr Moti said Mr Sogavare deserves to govern with the mandate he has been given by the people of Solomon Islands and his parliamentary colleagues without any distraction whatsoever.

When asked about his current relationship with the Prime Minister after the down-fall of Mr Sogavare’s government in 2007 and the eight years he was tried by the Australian courts, he said their friendship has withstood so much.

“It withstood so much to keep us together and make us stronger.”

He added if Mr Sogavare doesn't have confidence in the current Attorney General, he would be well-advised to advertise the post to avoid needless political controversy.

Australia’s chase on Mr Moti, which resulted in years of court battle that cost a fortune, later came to nothing.

The pursuit of Mr Moti exacted a high diplomatic price.

The then Australian foreign minister, Alexander Downer, was seen to be attacking three Pacific nations: Vanuatu for not trying the man in the first place; the Solomons for making him as attorney-general; and PNG for preventing his extradition to Australia.

Canberra might never have worried about Mr Moti and his alleged crimes, except that he became involved in the turbulent politics of the Solomon Islands in the aftermath of RAMSI, the 2003 military and police intervention led by Australia that restored law and order.

Documents that emerged during the Moti litigation show Australian officials were soon worried that the Sydney University graduate might win a place in a future government led by his friend Manasseh Sogavare, who was seen as a merciless opponent of RAMSI (the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands).

Australia's worst fears later came to reality, which resulted in his arrest while transiting through PNG a week after his appointment as AG, at Canberra’s request.

He skipped bail, hid in the Solomon Islands High Commission Office and was secretly flown to Honiara by the PNG Defence Force.

Canberra had to wait another year until the fall of the Sogavare government, which led to Mr Moti's sacking from the cabinet and his over-hasty deportation a few days after Christmas 2007.

The Fijian-born lawyer is now teaching law at the Fiji National University after successfully staying all the charges orchestrated against him.

Mr Moti could not say when asked whether he will be looking for compensation from the Solomon Islands government, now that the man who understands the issue is in pole position.

He was subjected to humiliation and illegal deportation by the Sikua-led government in late 2007 when Mr Sogavare was overthrown.

By EDNAL PALMER - Solomon Star


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